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Last night, “Collections” opened at Willo North a show featuring several local artists that the curator of the show had purchased work from in the past. There was a very good turnout, and I sold “Ovine Joy,” (below)!

Ovine Joy (translation of Sheep Country by photographer Peter Hammer)
by Cindy Schnackel

“The Hanging” is still available (last I knew!):

The Hanging
by Cindy Schnackel


As you may know from my previous journals, I’ve been inventorying my work, and putting at least 75% of it on sale, some as much as half off, to clear out space. In doing this it has been heartening to see that I have sold some things and have been doing a decent job of keeping a list of my work all along. All these organizational tasks are things I never bothered with, with my art, until about 2 or 3 years ago. It has been very beneficial to do it.

“Hen Party” is home again

Hen Party
by Cindy Schnackel

Picked up the girls from a show in downtown Phoenix and am debating whether to keep this one Not For Sale for awhile. But in any case, I’m not going to show or offer to sell the hens again until I’ve gotten a commercial scan of the piece, which I have been working on doing in Sept, after looking into several co’s with the giant scanners and/or photo studios necessary.

“Welcome to Arizona”

I had the pleasure of seeing in person a painting I wanted to buy a small print of last night, Eric Cox’s Welcome to Arizona,

Was even more pleasantly surprised to see that the print itself was the work of a company I’m considering for the scan of Hen Party. So I got to see the quality of the print which was very sharp, detailed, and had excellent color fidelity to the original. Many people in Arizona, or who follow some of the political stories that come from our state, will know who Eric’s painting is of, right off, and appreciate the humor in it. Eric is an excellent artist, with intriguing work. I don’t often feel I can justify buying art, when I’m trying to clear out our house of so much stuff already…but this was one that I felt I just had to have, so went w/my gut feeling.

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