New blog: "Found A Chicken"

After thinking about doing this for at least the last year, I finally got off my duff and created a blog to celebrate chickens!

FOUND A CHICKEN! First post, The Chicken Streets

Nearly everywhere I go, I see one. Real, fake, toys, or just the vague outline of one in a textured floor tile, I see them everywhere.

Though sometimes it will feature my chicken art, most of the time it won’t. Future posts will hopefully include interviews with chicken artists, pet chicken owners, and photographers who take pics of chickens. Sometimes it’ll be fun and lighthearted, other times I will talk about topics that are harder hitting like factory farming.

Because I care a lot about copyrights I will not just grab things from the internet. I will only post art or photos with the owner’s permission or that are public domain (expired copyrights due to age for example).

So if any of you do chicken images and would like to be featured there, please let me know and we can do a brief interview and figure out the image thing. Either contact me thru b-mail, or email, artbycindy (at)

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