First Journal here

A friend told me about this site. Said she sold a tshirt design quicky too. Mentioned how nice everyone is here. Im hoping to make some new friends, get some ideas for my own work and of course seel somthing lol. Hell might even see somthing i want. On the main art page I saw 2 pics I would have hanging up. I dont think any photo can beat the siloute(spelling?) of a line of animals with the sunset in African plains. We take pics and videos for granted some times…I may never be able to afford a trip to Africa but sites like this and the shows on tv can take us anywhere with out getting robed, eaten or arressted by a evil tyrant lol. I Will be adding more to this site hopefully on a weekly basis. I dont like taken many pics when its cloudy so It may be a few days Before I get a chance. I hope to get some comments or somthing soon. I at least wanna know what people think. I know I shouldnt care but how you will know how bad you suck if some one isnt there to tell you lol

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