It's Tuesday...I think?

Could I really be so confused? Busy is as busy does and she forgets the world around her. I’m into what I’m doing and time fies like an arrow..from today straight through to next week and the days don’t matter just the art. I’m driven to finish what I start and I just take a break to recharge, refill the inspiration tank. ….but I never do take a break long enough to breathe.

Since I am convinced that I must be talented, I must take a few drawing classes, maybe that would get me out and meeting people. If I do will my art be unpure? It has to be totally mine or it feels like I am cheating.
Since I was diagnosed with Parkinsons I am not myself but will never be. The disabilties that show up as it progresses just make me stronger and more determined to empty my brain and poor out the beauty I have collected over the years to share and leave for my family that never relly knew me well. I want them to know what makes me tick.
Now that I have rambled I must go to continue today.

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