Update and Resume.about the Polyvore Affair.

So everyone knows a little more where we stand, and what is happening with “the polyvore affair”, I will post here the “communication” that has happened between “them” and I.

I personally am not done with this. I want Polyvore to respect ALL Artists’ copyrights.

Here is a collection of what was said and done, at the end of this writing, I will explain what remains.

It is not over yet.

@Polyvore, I am really concerned about the fact that you have dissabeld your own tags, and thereof, you can no longer find new works that are being directed to your site.
I can proove very well that I can still upload pictures form redbubble to your site.
I just did it once again…
I chalenge you to take your own responsibility and find the works that I have uploaded… (as you would have to find lost works that are just still around on your site.) you are the one(s) in charge of your own network, it is for you to fix the mistakes that you have allowed to be produced here.
Perhaps you should also think about removing all works from other similar sites (but I think that it would be much easier on you to tell your members to upload their own products from their computer… If they have copyrights (like we do here) they must have it on their own computers.

When I started to be a photographer, I did it on my own time… I did not “steal” any equipment nor copyrighted materials from more experienced people.

How can we teach our children to be their own selves if we can’t even let them produce their own works?

What is the message you want to carry?

But let me tell you that if you can find my work, and you do remove it as soon as you do, that means that you can do the same with ALL of our works… this is YOUR responsibility.

It is disgraceful to see that you allow young people to upload “anything” to your site, and then wash your hands clean of it for letting the whole world use it.

I am very deceived. and I demand that you do no longer allow ANY directing from other copyrighted sites…

I am watching you, and there are a few people that are too… you just won’t always know who we are… nor which site we come from… deviantart, redbubble, photobucket… or any other sites… theft is theft, and it is not acceptable to profit (in any forms, and you sure do profit from getting original works to be played with to attract your clients.)

Please do not sing me a sweet song, for you haven’t even replied to half of us through our complaints…

I want to be kept updated here as to know what it is you are doing to ensure our rights.

Crokus Label, creator of the petition to which you didn’t really reply but to cut and paste your message from here to there.

We have a petition of 181 + yourself there, that states that WE want it all removed. It was your mistake in the first place. Fix it. Show the young ones on your site that one must take responsibilities for their own actions. It might help them trust adults, and learn to accept their responsibilities too.

Work on changing how your images are getting on your site(get them to upload from their own computers), because I promise to not give up the fight, and I am willing to go to any length to achieve the respect of our copyrights. Our copyrights MUST be respected anywhere. Redbubble memebers or not.

Copyrights are OUR rights as artists, anywhere we be.


Crokus Label Photography, creator of the petition to which you should probably look at carefully, for we are many to ask you to remove our works, and not allow it to be posted on your site.

So I leave you to the cleaning up of your infringement mess, and I will be back in the morning to see if our petition was well understood.

(I too will be copying and pasting this elsewhere so everyone knows where all this is at now.)

Polyvore, I am somehow deceived as how you have been avoiding me.

My account was deleted yesterday and reinstated today (I never have been abusive in my journey to copyright assertion. So I assume this is why you reinstated my account on your site.)

Now, I would have thought that you would have got something to reply at least in one of my messages/requests.

But even after sending you messages to your site, messages here and on the other thread here at RedBubble, and a link in your Bubblemail to let you know I had left you a message in both threads, you never respond to ANY of my writings… And that either in private.

I am still looking for explanations of how things will be handled from your site to stop this violation of copyrights.

Still waiting for you to give me a sign of life.

Crokus Label Photography.

Crokus: i just replied to your bubblemail.

As of last night, we have blocked imports from redbubble.com (because redbubble.com staff requested that we do so). You managed to import your image before our site software was updated with that change.

We have taken down your image and sets that you mentioned in your message. (Although, we did not understand why you uploaded something only to request to have it removed a few hours later).

As we have mentioned several times: we would be happy to comply with take down notices as long as they come from the person who owns the rights to the image and lists which URLs need to be removed. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for us to respond to your request (we usually respond in a few hours, but please allow 24 hours before you hit the panic button).

Also, please note that different people have different opinions about how their images should or should not be used online. We would be happy to service group take down requests as we did with RedBubble.com but please don’t send us request to take down all image from site X unless you are sure everyone affected shares your views. I hope this is not construed as lack of cooperation or respect on our part.

I hope I answered your questions.


I have uploaded these to see how your site was “working,” and what will happen with my images, so I precisely know what and how to make sure copyrighted images are not still being used.

As for standing up for all artist that have their rights to copyrights of their own material, I can not stay there and do nothing about it, for copyrights are made to be respected, and the very big majority of your images were taken on the net “randomly” by users that do not have them rights; Therefore, I will maintain my position at asking that everybody’s copyrights be respected. If you do not remove them you might have to deal with the consequences of your “inactions”…

Most people form other sites can’t ask you to have their works removed, for they are not even aware that they have been imported there. It would only be fair to refuse to respect their copyrights because you believe that they should all come and warn you to remove stuff that they do not even know is on your site.

Copyrights are made for EVERYONE to be respected, and I do not believe that when you say that everybody has a different opinion on the issue, you seem to forget that copyrights are the same for everyone, and that includes your site. By refusing today to take care of the real problem, you expose yourself to lawsuits in a near or far future.

I must say that you have made some great efforts to remove to remove redbubble’s member’s works, and I appreciate this.

I would really appreciate if you would let us know how you will make your best so your members really understand what are copyrights, what consequences there might be to infringe them, and what changes you will/might make in a near future so all artists/photographers works be protect as best as you can.

Thank you for this first reply, I appreciate that you finally found time to respond to part of my concerns.

Crokus Label

What do you think?

I am not done… but let’s keep pealing the onion… ;)

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