AMAZING Computer-Generated Artwork: Animals in the Womb - UPDATE!

This is so cool… and it’s all done on the computer. Truly amazing stuff.

“A series of different representations, using ultrasound scans and computer graphics, have been created for a documentary called Animals in the Womb.”

Showtimes will vary. Catch it in the U.S. on December 10th on the National Geographic Channel.

Watch the sneak-peek video. and explore the interactive website!

Image of an elephant foetus in a womb. (Channel 4/PA)

Representation of an eight-week dolphin foetus inside its mother’s womb. (Image: Channel 4/PA)

Computer generated image of a dog foetus. (Image: Channel 4/PA)

This image shows the dog foetus nearing full-term at 60 days. (Image: Channel 4/PA)

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