"Mr. Frog's Belch" Design Rejected by Zazzle...

…then given an award for Today’s Best.

How friggin funny is THAT!?!?!

We submitted the design for a stamp, thinking it would be a funny thing to see on mail. Pure and simple unadulterated fun, right? Apparently not so!

Here’s an excerpt of the rejection notice we received:

The following Zazzle Custom Stamp could not be approved:
Product Title: Mr. Frog’s Belch
Product Type: Stamp
Product ID: 172719026690854964
Contributor: crockpot
Result: Not Approved
Policy Violations:
Includes material that Zazzle believes would hurt its reputation.
May be considered violent, profane, deceptive, abusive, menacing, harmful, or threatening.

My guess is that Zazzle thought the design might offend people. (Whatever.) But to give the standard, impersonal rejection that they did is a bit much. It’s an f’ing cartoon of a frog, for crying out loud!!

“Includes material that Zazzle believes would hurt its reputation.”
Are you kidding me???
They need NO help with hurting their rep. They already do a damn fine job of that on their own. Poorly printed products, printing products where the design is upside-down or inverted, sending out the WRONG products to customers, HORRIBLE customer service when it comes to resolving issues and “24-hour shipping” that takes 2 weeks (for a magnet!) are just a few of the things in Zazzle’s hallmark of reputation.

And they’re worried about Mr. Frog burping.

Mike and I have been laughing our asses off. This is just so hilarious and all too typical of Zazzle.

OMG… I laugh so hard every time I read that.

At any rate, I just HAD to share this with you all. I know that a lot of you fellow Zazzlers (and ex-Zazzlers) will get a huge kick out of this. >:)

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