I'm DONE trying to help anyone!!

That’s it. Done. Finito. I’ll continue helping animals – but people can just get screwed. Yeah, I said it. I’m sick of it.

I have a lot of experience in printing and publishing. This includes doing graphic design for major newspapers and international magazines. This includes advertising. I’m currently doing licensed work for major players in the movie and tv industry – Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, and tons more. I’d like to think that all my years of involvement would at least give me a fucking leg to stand on. Throw in on top of that the fact that I’m honest, caring and giving to a fault. When I see someone that might potentially end up in trouble, my instinct is to try and help. Granted, this is more successful with my friends and family than it is to strangers; I understand that.

Here’s what I’m ranting about. Lately I’ve seen a lot of copyright issues on Red Bubble. I have nothing against any of the artists – in fact, I think they’re pretty damned talented. However, I made the huge mistake of pointing out to one artist that the subject of one of her photos was a major brand and could potentially be a legal problem for her – and for Red Bubble. I love RB and would hate to see any law suit come against this site! So all I said was that ________ is a copyrighted brand. Is that so terrible? I mean really, is it?

Here’s what I got back:
“…tell Crockpot to mind his own fucking buisness…”
“Tell dimwad to put nike into the search engine…then ford…then chev…then coke…then tell him to get a life…”
“ppl r just gay n have no life lol”

(As an aside, yeah, you can put any number of brand names into a search engine – that doesn’t mean you can photograph these things and sell the photos for profit!)

And what do gay people have to do with it?? Some of my best friends are gay! And they sure as hell are better people than the above mentioned.

Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest.
Now you know why I’m gonna be a LOT more quiet on RB – and everywhere else too.

People just fucking SUCK.

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