YOU Can Help Save an Elephant!!! Just vote.

Can you take ten seconds to vote in an L.A. Times poll for Billy?

The L.A. Times wants to know whether the elephant Billy should remain at the L.A. Zoo, or go to a sanctuary. We want Billy to go to a sanctuary, and would appreciate if you could take a few seconds to visit this website and vote.

Scroll to the bottom of the story. Where you see this question:
Do you agree with Jack Hanna that Billy the elephant should remain at the L.A. Zoo?

Please vote No:
No — it’s inhumane to keep elephants in zoos and Billy should go to a sanctuary

By the way, it appears that you CAN vote multiple times!

To learn more about Billy, click here to read an op/ed from the LA Times by Daphne Sheldrick.

Thank you!

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