Pets are People Too: Tribute

This has been a terrible year for losing pets. I can’t tell you how many people I know that have lost at least one pet to disease, old age or unknown causes. It’s just terrible. We always have to keep in mind that all these animals, for the most part, have led happy lives filled with love; but that doesn’t ease the pain. When someone is gone from your life and only still remaining in your heart, life is indeed different. The world seems different. You view things with a slightly different point of view, like through cloudy glass or something. The pain just doesn’t go away.

Many of our Bubble friends have lost loved ones this year and I think it’s important that we extend our condolences whenever possible. Our friends need our love and support more than ever during times like these.

All of you who have suffered from the loss of a pet in the last year or so, please feel free to post a photo and share a favorite memory of your loved one here… or just send out some good vibes to those who have suffered.

Zion and Chia

Forgive me if I’ve left out any ‘bubble pets’ here… feel free to bmail me the names of any you’ve lost and I’ll add them to the list with links to journal entries about them.

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