Ea Reading
By Crisman Art

Madagascar in the light
Left side toes smile bright
Spirit in its element
Fire is now evident
That isle takes its flight
Connected with own spirit guide.
Welcoming ready money fine
To cover its own bread line
League is combined
Positive change in balance aligned.

Wind is singing in the mind
Earth song of little man so kind
With prostitute quiet yeasty
Brings foam into reality
Via séance of big session
Justice prevails in ration.
Offers mental balance fine
When all minds as ONE align.
The heart flows in deep feelings
Spirit handles earthquake dealings.
Minds might be shaken
But nothing will be taken
Nerves burn hot on spot
But fiery love conquers the lot.
Yearning in earnest desire
Via “hear say” of the buyer.
Like an open country smiles the heart
Wielding with original art.
This year will show in victory
Its higher guidance destiny.

Body speaks in plight
Of peacefulness in sight.
The breakfast that is given
By emotional charioteer driven.
All looks bread, yes, wide
On beaches now takes flight.
Great master teacher manifests
His intelligence puts minds at rest
While planning at his very best.

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