First Journey Entry - June 2008

I don’t have a lot of time to spend on the internet but was very happy I had time to check Red Bubble today and see all the wonderful comments. Thanks to all of you for making my day! And, for informing me that To The Beat Of The Drum had made the Bubble home page – just in time for me to get to see that special moment.

This is my first journal entry as I’ve just figured out what the journal is all about. So I shall use it as a way to reply to the comments.

For those who may not know: A Pow Wow is a gathering of Native American people to celebrate their heritage and to share with others the tradition of the various dances and Native American crafts. The first one I attended was held in Indiana where George Martin – "Eagle Staff ": became the inspiration behind the digital manipulates I now do on my photographs. The colors for the backgrounds are from the original photograph thus making the blending easier.

The Trail of Tears Pow Wow is held every year at the Cherokee Trail of Tears Commemorative Park located in Hopkinsville Kentucky. It is one of the few documented campsites used during the force removal of the Cherokee people to “Indian Territory”. It was used as an encampment in 1838 and 1839. This park is also the burial site for two Cherokee Chiefs who died during the removal.

Once again a great big THANK YOU for all of your wonderful comments! It means sooooo much coming from such great artist.

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