Fifth Feature!

I am so surprised. For having been public for such a short time, this may be on its way to becoming my most featured work. Why did I wait so long to put it up, I wonder. Am very happy that it seems to be so well received. Maybe I will try a phone case next.

Sharing PART of a poem

Sitting here, letting my day go by without me and a patient old puppy at my feet still needing her morning walk, my fingers on the keyboard addicted to searching, hit upon a poem I found a long time ago. It is too long to share in its entirety but, if you have a mind to see the whole thing, it is easy enough to find when you know what to look for. The title is The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, by T.S. Eliot.…

Here is the part that I just copied from the middle of it, or more toward the beginning, but I ramble … :

The yellow fog that rubs its back upon the window-panes, 15
The yellow smoke that rubs its muzzle on the window-panes
Licked its tongue into the corners of the evening,
Lingered upon the pools that stand in drains,
Let fall upon its back the soot that falls from chimneys

First Journal of 2012

A while back I was in the habit of journaling once a week about the features my work earned but, after a while, it came to seem like old news and and too much of a chore, so I quit doing that on a regular basis. However I am very happy about my latest posted work, CONTEMPLATIVE NUDE, which garnered not just three features in the first three days it was public, but two of them were permanent. Feeling quite chuffed about that.

Oh, yes, and my FEELING BLUE placed in the top ten of a challenge with twelve entries. The good news just goes on and on. Looking forward to a fun 2012, and wish everyone a wonderful year.

Well, there's one thing ...

about RB combining all my work into one big pot … it certainly inflated my view count. Just made a hundred and twenty THOUSAND views! Not that this is a super number or anything, but it is nice and round.

Strange thing about viewing ...

Yesterday I was suddenly inspired to get on board as far as this new iPhone case function is concerned … go with the flow, if you will. In a short time, I had put up twenty iPhone case designs.…

Seventeen of these, the next morning, have an average count of four views. Three, on the other hand are surprisingly higher. Well, maybe not too surprising for two of them … both SMOKE and PHONE OM were tweeted shortly after I put them up. PHONE OM almost immediately got 22 hits and is now up to 29. SMOKE picked up 14 views right away and is now up to 19. Big difference.

The big surprise, however, is ISLAND GIRL which, all by itself, woke up this morning with 37 views.
I did not tweet it, I did not even put a description or add it to any groups. As far as I can see, it was never on the scrolling ar

Matted Print SOLD!

Many thanks to wonderful buyer. This image of the Flying Horse of Kansu dates back to when I saw the exhibition from China when it visited the Smithsonian in 1975. My pastel rendering is a personal favorite and, in large part, my inspiration for joining redbubble thirty years later.

UNfortunately, I seem to have forgotten how to include an image and a link to journal posts, as I have repeated the steps from other posts that were successful, and there is still no image here. Darn.

Counting Views On Another Site

When I previously journaled about view count angst, truthfully, I do not agonize over it; I just think it is an interesting statistic, and it gives me a feel for which of my pieces are more likely to do well. It was a pleasant surprise, for instance, to find that my digital abstracts are so well received and attract a lot more views than my photography. I enjoy creating my abstracts and really appreciate that, at least judging by the views, people seem to like them.…

My most recently posted “art” works are snaps of a couple of walking sticks that I have up for sale on Etsy. I have purchased a showcase spot for my woodworking items for tomorrow, September 2. Generally it is hoped that the showcase exposure will attract buyers, but it hardly ever works out that way, at least for me. However,

HOW Come?

Three days ago, I found this in my feed

“Fly With Me” was featured in ImageWriting 2/24

so I went to the group and did not see it. I went to my image, and there is no word from the group to this effect, only the same four comments that have been there since shortly after I put the picture up. Three days later, the comment and view count is still unchanged, and no sign or mention of any special notice in any group for this picture.

I am puzzled. Not upset, because validation from groups is lovely, but not a requirement. Just curious how I could get such a message, and it seems to be wrong.

View Count Angst

I have been a member on Redbubble now for a few years and, for the longest time, I was obsessed over view count. This was in direct disregard of my favorite piece of advice from Max Ehrlmann’s Desiderata … never compare yourself with others, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.…

So what does view count mean to me, anyway … or to anybody else. Once upon a time, a person could artificially inflate his or her own view count just by clicking on one picture after another … then, fortunately, RB changed the software to disregard the count when viewing one’s own work. I am guilty of having done that myself, way back when, because my poor count seemed so pitifully inadequate.

A little while back, I remember coming up on the “magic” fifty thousand mark and, more recent

Just wondering

Why things like this should bother me, I have no idea, it just does not seem all that logical, and I like logic. When I look on the RB Community page and scroll down to Challenges to Enter, it bothers me to find challenges there promoted by groups to which membership is by invitation only. I would have thought that the members of these exclusive groups would already be aware of the challenges, and it seems to me a bit rude to flaunt challenges to the general RB membership that non group members cannot participate in.…

And what is the protocol, anyway, for getting invited to join a group, if you think your work meets their standards? I would never presume to bubblemail a host and ask to join. I did, however, in a group with multiple hosts, go check their portfolios, and I went so far as to

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait