Daily Motivation 12-11-2010


What makes disappointment so disappointing is that you know you can do better. So instead of sinking too far into the disappointment, get up, get going, and do better.

The very feeling you have that life can be better is proof positive that it can be. What you’re feeling is your most positive vision of how life can be, calling to you.

Answer that calling, quickly and decisively. Make something good and positive and valuable out of the setbacks that have disappointed you so.

Use your experience to get better, to do better, to become more effective, to become more determined and committed. Feel the certainty that you can do better, and let it energize and animate your actions.

Even when you’ve done great, the great thing is, you can do better. Always there is the opportunity to do better.

Do all that you know you can do to take that opportunity. And with each experience, with each passing moment, you do indeed make life better.

— Ralph Marston

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