Birmingham, United Kingdom

CreativeEm is an amateur photographer, artist and author living in the United Kingdom. / “I have been taking photos since I was 10...

Shakespeare: Speaks Volumes Sticker $2.50
Tis In My Memory Lock'd Sticker $2.50
Music Speaks Sticker $2.50
Leave Yourself Behind Sticker $2.50
I Perform Sticker $2.50
Lilac Trombones Sticker $2.50
Amazing Azalea Sticker $2.50
Happiness Is Yellow Tulips Sticker $2.50
Fire Among The Stones: Rockery Sticker $2.50
Woodpecker Close Up Sticker $2.50
Majestic Heron Sticker $2.50
Tulip Line Sticker $2.50
A Corner Of Venice Sticker $2.50
Venice Grand Canal 09041703 Sticker $2.50
Venice Grand Canal 09041702 Sticker $2.50
Venice Grand Canal 09041701 Sticker $2.50
Venice Grand Canal 08041702 Sticker $2.50
Mother's Milk Is Best Sticker $2.50
Piggy Feeding Time Sticker $2.50
Daffodil Pathway Sticker $2.50
Daffodil Ring Sticker $2.50
Lovely Liver Spotted Sticker $2.50
Peck On The Cheek Sticker $2.50
Devotion (Sea Lions) Sticker $2.50
One Of Those Days: Greyhound Sticker $2.50
Frequent Companion Sticker $2.50
Swimming In Cerulean Blue Sticker $2.50
I Sing In A Choir...So Bring It On Sticker $2.50
Best Guide Within Us Sticker $2.50
Unremarkable Lives Sticker $2.50
Choir: Happy Place Sticker $2.50
Singing: Super-Power Sticker $2.50
Parc du Cinquantenaire: Brussels Sticker $2.50
Together We'll Make It Sticker $2.50
Sherlock's Retreat Sticker $2.50
Sealing Love: The Strangest Places Sticker $2.50
Girl Talk Sticker $2.50
Christmas Glow Sticker $2.50
Silent Night: Bricks and Stars Sticker $2.50
Rockin' Robin Sticker $2.50
All That Glitters: Polar Bear with Ear-ring Sticker $2.50
Appreciating Me Sticker $2.50
Autumn's Gold Sticker $2.50
To Listen To The Stories Sticker $2.50
We Love: Huddle Sticker $2.50
Autumn: Arrived Sticker $2.50
Autumn: Branches Lowered Sticker $2.50
Sweetest Pleasures Sticker $2.50
Autumn Is A Second Spring Sticker $2.50
Fly...And See For Yourself Sticker $2.50
The Earth Is What We Have In Common Sticker $2.50
Hestia Sticker $2.50
Artemis Sticker $2.50
Demeter  Sticker $2.50
In Love There Is No Because Sticker $2.50
The Time Came To Watch & Watch I Have Sticker $2.50
If In Doubt Wear Red Sticker $2.50
The Golden Age Sticker $2.50
Caught My Tears Sticker $2.50
Reflected In Bath Sticker $2.50
Old Fashioned Songwriter Sticker $2.50
Open To Happiness Sticker $2.50
Grey Wagtail Sticker $2.50
In Memory of Gatsby Sticker $2.50
The Crossing Sticker $2.50
Camouflaged  Sticker $2.50
The Japanese Bridge Sticker $2.50
Reasons To Be Happy (Blue Tit)  Sticker $2.50
Plants Through Concrete Sticker $2.50
Shy Sheltie Sticker $2.50
Golden Grasses: Path of Dreams Sticker $2.50
Shadows On The Shed Sticker $2.50
Tea Duelling Sticker $2.50
Pink Bursting Grey Sticker $2.50
What I'd Like To Come Back As Sticker $2.50
Water Pump & Well Garden Sticker $2.50
Roman Baths and Bath Abbey Sticker $2.50
SacherTorte Sticker $2.50
Wear A Smile Sticker $2.50
Complete: With Or Without Sticker $2.50
Aniston's Decision Sticker $2.50
Swallow Leaf Design Sticker $2.50
Not A Rebranding Exercise Sticker $2.50
Tutti Frutti Flip Fun Sticker $2.50
Sweet Coral Lilac & Pink Floral Print Sticker $2.50
Marshmallow Malteser Cupcake Sticker $2.50
Copenhagen Postbox Sticker $2.50
Pretty Landing Sticker $2.50
Vegetable Garden: Lettuce Galore Sticker $2.50
Swinging Siamang Sticker $2.50
Heart Of The Forest Sticker $2.50
Turtley Awesome  Sticker $2.50
Bee Kind To Bees Sticker $2.50
Water Angel Surfaced Sticker $2.50
Water Angel II Sticker $2.50
Black Tailed Godwit Sticker $2.50
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