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Nature Challenge

One of my friends set me a challenge a couple of days ago of posting an image of nature (no people, no buildings) each day for the next 7 days. I love the idea and have begun. Hopefully I will be able to successfully show these images on my Redbubble page. It relies, of course, on a happy laptop and well behaved internet connection! So look out for several new photographs of nature this week.

I am continuing to post other images too. Hopefully you will have noticed my recent uploads of the city of Bath: Pulteney bridge, the Empire Hotel and the Cathedral stained glass. The Pulteney bridge photo has just been featured in the ‘Architectural Photography Group.’ The cupcake photo was also taken in Bath whilst the gorgeous Amur Leopard image (please do what you can to support the protection of this gorgeous animal) was taken at Twycross zoo West Midlands

Thanks for reading!

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