2008 is going to very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy new year to all. I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous year. Well, i have decided to take a new job that was offered to me, and will be going back overseas (to Libya). But unfortunately i will only be home for 6 days with my family, so that really sucks!
For those who do not know, i work on oil and gas drilling rigs and have been for the past 21 years. The past 6 years i have been working back in Oz, which has been good but i am now looking forward to getting back overseas and into some more challenging work.
I’m also looking forward to hopefully capturing some good images for you all.
I’m not sure if this will impact how often i can get to comment on all your excellent works (i’m thinking it most likely will) but i will try.
Again, all the best to you all and your families for 2008.

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