the secret of ochadinaeno

from scotland wittle Archie is a boy of just seven years old ,living with both his parents who are referred to as, mummy and daddy , wittle Archie also has a brother called Daniel who is the age of 9. Any other characters are referred to by either a name or nick name ……………… so the story begins ………told by author Brian brand as wittle Archie

hi everyone, wittle Archie here ( hiyaaaaa ) woooooow what a weekend i had , it was the bestest ever…..can you keep a secret….then shhhh ,don’t tell anyone, this is the biggest secret ever. if it gets out, then i will be the saddest wittle boy in the whole wide world.

so before i go any further into my story , i want you to make me a promise, that you won’t tell a single soul, that you won’t mention anything that happens, not in your sleep. Not even if someone forces you to….promise…..ok..Then i will begin

it was Friday afternoon, school finished at the usual time of 3 o’clock , when i got home mummy and daddy said heyyyyyyy wittle archie,go get some things together we’re going away for the weekend.. where? , daddy whispered in my ear …this place is special and its very secret ,

I can’t tell you anything except you’re going to love it. But can’t you just tell me the name of the place. (shhhh no ). , when we get there you can decide a name for yourself….hmmmm..Interesting i thought. Why won’t daddy tell me?

We picked up my brother Daniel from school he finishes 30 minutes later than I do ha ha.

It was a long drive to where we were going..through hills and mountains lots of funny little winding roads twisty and narrow roads with lots of little bridges that make your tummy feel funny when you go over them in a car ( it tickles ) butterfly’s in the stomach that’s what it’s called ).

When we arrived at the secret place, it was dark and way past our bed time. so we all had an early night , next morning when I woke up, quickly I got dressed then I opened up the front door, we were living in a wooden shack house, as I looked out..woooooooooooooow whaaaat a place..The scenery was just breath taking.

Too beautiful for my eyes to believe..All around us were hills and rivers and waterfalls, and nature was at its very best…you know how you see them pictue postcards…welllllll i had never seen a place as beautiful as this before…everything that was green was sooooooo green and everything that was blue was sooo blue.

Just a few hundred yards from the wooden shack where we were living was the most beautiful river ever, surrounded by the biggest tallest greenest Forrest, and in the distance I could see fish jumping in and out of the water, which was sparkling in the sunlight.

beautiful, I could even hear the birds singing their little hearts out it was so quiet, I can only describe this place as heaven….from that very moment I knew this place was going to be special , I could feel it in my wittle bones..

All I can tell you is, that, we were in the Scottish highlands somewhere, and as I didn’t know the name of the place. I decided I would call it
( Ochadinaeno ) and what a place it was to be…….

Mummy was awake. So I told her I was going to have a little walk, just to see what ochadinaeno was really about… I asked Daniel if he wanted to come with me…but, hmmmm brothers. Their so lazy aren’t they……

Daniel said he would rather be back at home with his friends and grumbled, nice place eh, so I decided to go alone…mummy told me not to wander too far , to stay within a safe distance of the wooden shack…

As I walked towards a small stream, I could hear the water rushing shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it went, but it was, only a small stream, it fed into a much bigger and wider river further down, where the fish were jumping.

I could never go near that, it has fast flowing waters lots of big rocks and is extremely dangerous. It was fenced off. As I got to the small stream I took of my shoes and socks, and sat on top of a big rock by the bank with my feet just touching the water. It was f-f-f-f-freezing cold…when splash. (Wooooow what was that…heyyyyyyyy something moved very fast and disappeared into the overgrowth …

Very quickly I pulled myself out of the stream. This was scary. What if something had bitten my toe off…i put my socks and shoes back on. Then I heard another small splashing noise… i leaned over and looked into the stream. Very briefly i saw this yellow thing move as fast you can say “achoo” whatever it was disappeared deep into the overgrowth.

hmmmm a fish, must be a fish but it didn’t look like a fish ……then this fly started to bug me buzz buzz round and round my head it flew ,every so often it would try to land on me…whoooosh I would try to swat it with my hand. But missed, I guess flys get called fly for a reason eh!

Then I heard it again, no not the fly… in the stream something was splashing right near the very edge, I looked down into the stream this time it was red. And whatever it was also disappeared very quickly into the deep overgrowth guess my reflection must have scared it, but it didn’t look like a fish .uh! Uh! It was the wrong shape and colour.

First I saw something yellow, now something red. What was it, was it changing colour, was there more than one. Something didn’t quite add up…i felt the need to take a much closer look…

so with my socks and shoes back on i quietly placed my feet into the water.very carefully , one foot at a time .the stream was only inches deep maybe 6inch -7 at the most, and the water was chrystal clear, i could see all the way to the bottom..

it was quiet, so quiet, staying totally focusing on what i was doing, i couldnt even hear the sound of the stream as it flowed.
very slowly i put out my hands, and as i went to pull back some of the long grassy reeds to take a closer look (" BOOOO!" ) i got the fright of my life…first i farted ,then i nearly jumped six feet into the air, but instead fell backwards and landed bum first into the k-k-cold f-f-f freezing water .

what you doing wittle archie .
(dannnnnnnnnnniel )..

hmmmmmmmmm…i might have guessed it was you.. whats going on here,he said and" what exactly" are you doing in the “water” ..i told him i had seen something..“a fish”, daniel replied, “havent” you seen a little" fish" before..( yeahhhh ) but! you didnt have to scare me,you’ve probably scared it away now…

this wasn’t no ordinary fish. i know what a fish looks like. what do you want anyway..ohh , mummy asked me to come get you, breakfast is about ready..then we heard mummy shouting ( archie – daniel ) breakfast is ready…

i pulled myself back up and out of the stream. what was mummy going to say,i was soaking wet.. me and daniel walked back to the shack together, your a bum .no your a bum,your a bum ,i said it first,no you didnt, we would argue and call each other names all the way.

mummy told me to put on some dry clothes.and stay away from the stream. breakfast was greaaaaaaaaat we had sausages ,tomato ,egg, toast and beeeeans. yaaaaaaaaae beans are my mostest favouritist food ever..

.they make you..did anyone ever tell you this… beans beans they make you fart, they’re bad for your bum, but good for your heart…ha ha .thats what daddy always says….daddy has a good heart…mummy doesnt like beans ..but she still has a good heart.

after breakfast daddy wanted to show us something really special. ( a blue waterfall ).but my mind was set on finding out what was down at the stream.

mummy said she would stay in the shack and prepare dinner for us coming back.i told daddy i’d stay with mummy for company, that i would go see the blue waterfall with him the next day.daniel said i’ll come with you daddy.

so off daddy and daniel went. mummy began preparing dinner , i sneaked out, and headed back down to the stream. i needed to find out what it was i had seen..this time i put wellington boots on.

going back to the exact same spot.i tucked my trouser bottoms into my wellingtons quietly i got into the stream. as i did i could see daddy and daniel walking in the distance, they had crossed over the fence next to the main river and into a field….splash- -there it was again, i saw it, something red just moving under the overgowth. i jumped back out the stream.

feeling scared but very curious.i went over to a tree.i needed something to help me pull back the grassy reeds.something much longer than my arm, anything could have been in there. so i pulled at a branch on a tree expecting it to break ..suddenly i was surrounded by thudding noise.lots of thuds, infact it was raining thuds, .

then i realised the thuds were caused by something falling from the trees onto the ground, i was hit on the head, lots of times ,it really felt like someone knuckling my head ( ooooooooooouch! i shouted ) then i looked to the ground ( ha chestnuts,conquers )they were falling from the tree.

eventually i i found an old dead broken off i took that..and i also filled up my pockets with the chestnut conquers, me and daniel could play with them later…

so i went back over to the stream with my branch,climbed back down into it and i started poking and proding at the reeds,nothing moved, i then managed to pushed back the overgrowth ( wooooow )

what was thiiiisss, you will never believe me in a month of sundays. this wasn’t no fish. uh uh! noooo wayyyyy. i dont know" what it was i was looking at, but whatever they were, they were trying to scuttle further into the overgrowth,

there were about eight of them , they looked quite similar to that of a turtle but not a turtle.but yes a turtle but not, they were making chirping noises.kind of like birds, do but not the same but yes the same but not..

awwww, i could see that they were really scared, so i gently put back down the overgrowth not to frighten them . this was amaaaaazing but what were they. how’d they get their, how long had they been their..

i can only describe them as individually, they had either a red back or a yellow back like a turtle shell, they had two front legs each and a tail,they even had little horns on their heads. the red ones had two little white horns on their head, and the yellow ones had a single white horn on their heads…

they infact they kind of looked like little dinosaurs,but not dinosaurs, but like dinosaurs ,but more like turtles but not turtles.i was confused i had never seen anything like this before,their heads legs and tails were blue ,and they only had front legs no back legs..whaaaaaat a discovery

i didnt know what to do ….i tried lifting the overgrowth to get a closer look once again, but the little things looked really scared ,i didnt want to scare them.or even hurt them, not like i know daniel would ,sometimes he can be really nasty.

so i sat down by the edge of the stream.and thought to myself ,i must tell mummy thing i felt movement in my pockets and a muffled mumbling sound, like someone was talking.mmmm bmmmm hmmm. mumble jumble mumble you cant do that,

jeeeez this was weird and getting weirder by the minute. very quickly i emptied my pockets, it was the chestnut, conquers, i had picked up, only they didnt look like conquers anymore.they had changed from conquers into little spikey chestnut things again and with faces.little eyes and a mouth

you know how conquers start as spikey green things and end up as, smooth ,brown ,shiny, hard things from inside a green prorective shell , well this was like the opposit .they were smooth and golden brown when i picked them up, but they had changed back into green spikey things .oh my god whats happening i said…when one of the conquer things spoke to me..

i took a large deep breath and gulped ….oi , im talking to you..i couldnt believe it, a chestnut conquer chestnut thing was talking to me..but this cant be, cannot be, canny be ,im going daft at seven years old…pretty mature for a seven year old though dont you think eh!.anyway

wh wh what are you i said..are you an alien..the conquer thing laughed hah alien ( do we look like aliens ) y-y-y yes. n-n-n-no, m-m-maybe.. nahhhh we’re" chuckits" and we’re here to protect them in the stream, where you were. …wh wh what are they , i asked .. they’re called turtleenas the chuckit’s, chestnut, conquer’s,things replied.

im actually talking to a chestnut conquer chestnut which calls its self, a chuckit , about turtleenas in a stream in scotland ( who ever heard of turtleena’s who ever heard of chuckit’s ) who ever heard of me. verrrrrrrry strange….are you g going to h-hurt me i asked… ( no-not if you dont hurt the turtleenas ) no i-i-i i would never do such a thing ( n-n-n-not in my entire life ) n-n-n never …

i was just looking because i was curious, i knew that they were’nt fish ,they didn’t look like fish.
then you must be one of the few good people left in the world ….

.yes, i am a good boy , my name is wittle archie and i- i dont know if i im p-p-pleased to meet you yet….likewise said the chuckit, but i’ll take your word for it ,that you" are "a good boy…and i can see your still scared, relax! a little.

infact, i guess we were all a bit scared, but there’s no need to be, we can all be friends ..thats .if you want to be our friend, but first we must learn to trust each other….can i trust you said the chuckits….yes you can trust me ..can i trust you .yes said the chuckits you can trust us..ok
lets trust eachother then…

then mummy shouted on me,( arrrrrrrrrchie ) it echoed all around,archie,archie,archie i guess dinner was ready…so you have to go said the chuckits, yes my dinner must be ready, but i can come back .

ok you go and get your dinner said the chuckit , after dinner come back here alone. if you return alone, then we’ll know we can trust you. then we will tell you things.but,you musn’t tell a single soul about us chuckit’s, or the turtleena’s ( promise ) i promised…

while walking back for some reason i felt really happy still scared but not as much as i first was , this was weird talking to conquers that called themselves chuckit’s ha ha…no way was i telling anyone that..

who’d believe me seven..talking to conquers, they’d think i was conquers bonkers,i slapped my self in the face a few times just to see if i was dreaming ,“nope” this was real,

when i got to the shack daddy and daniel were’nt back yet. i took a seat at the dining table…mummy made potato’s and fish fingers,and beeeans mmmmmm yuuuumm…

so what you been up to wittle archie .oh i was down by the strea ( when i felt this sharp prick in my pocket ) oooouch! whats wrong archie,
nothing mummy …i was looking for ladybirds in the long grass mummy, i remembered my promise.

i must have still had one of the chuckit’s in my pocket. i thought your daddy and daniel would have been back by now mummy said.but i was’nt listening..i ate my dinner as fast as i possibly could.then said,gotta go mummy i’ll be back in a little while ok..

she tried to give me a mummy hug ( yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk! ) i hate mummy hugs…dont go far she said…i wooooooooooooooooont i said as i ran all the way back down to the stream…

when i got there, i put my hand in my pocket and pulled out the chuckit ..what did you do that for, …well archie i thought you were about to tell your mummy about us…

never i said. i gave you my word…dont spike me again that hurt….we said we would trust each other…how can i tust you if you doing something like that to me..

the chuckit said ok lets start again…put me down beside the other chuckit’s….so i put the chuckit down..

they all looked the same.even sounded the same and thought the same.this was the weirdest ever.if i spoke to one the next one would answer,and then the next and so on,

i didnt realise i had put so many in my pockets,there must have been about twenty of whatever amount was already on the ground.and then there were millions on the army of chuckit’s…

so what is it that you were going to tell me. you said you would tell me things.. the chuckits asked me to sit down and said that this was going to be a long story..i was prepared to listen.i had sweets mmmmm yummmy.

remember our promise" archie "said the chuckit… yes.. well i really need you to keep that promise, the chuckit’s then began telling me who what why where when how and more..

this was tooooo was weird, as i was looking at one chuckit saying one thing,then another chuckit would say the next how can i explain.
ok it would take about eight chuckits to say this …… now shhhhhh and listen very carefuly …

ok i will start with the turtleena’s said the chuckit’s…the turtleena’s are a godly kept secret .and only live and breed in fresh water streams in scotland, they are scotlands best kept secret and only special little boys and girls like you ever find them ,but only if they wanted you too.

so they wanted me to find them, then why were they hiding from me, they were scared said the chuckit’s,but they specially choose you, because of the name you had choosen for this place..

( ochadinaeno ).
ochadinaeno" one word" an old magical word used to describe this place by the gone fairys who once lived here, said the chuckits…

gone fairys i laughed…i dont believe in fairys only girls believe in fairys. the chuckit said you will when you hear what i have to say.and went on..many many years ago the gone fairys lived on this peace of land protecting the turtleenas in the fresh water streams from trespassers, wild dogs,wild animals and hunters.

us chuckit’s were’nt around then ( but neither was that place your staying in ( or any of the others ) this used to be open land growing wild and free, but when humans moved in on the land and started using it as a place to live,during the summer months of the year, the fairy’s were forced out ( thats why we call them the gone fairys ) because they have gone..

so they left because they,unlike us cant hide or disguise themsesves, they glow and sparkle and if people knew they existed the fairys would be hunted down by the people for their magical powers . so fairys “are” magical ,

yes said the chuckits, they can use magic, but not on themselves, only for good things, but never to hurt anyone or anything….hmmmmmmmmmm so because of people like me, the gone fairys were forced to leave the land .thats terrible.

yes said the chuckits. but before the gone fairys left, they cast their magic wands on the trees and plants in the area bringing us to life, we were given the jobs of protecting the turtleenas and the land.wooooooooooow that must be really difficult . the chuckit’s went on.

with the cast of the gone fairys spell, we can talk and can change back into our original form when we need to, so when anyone goes near the stream or any animal that we know would seek out and hurt the turtleenas,only then would we drop from the highest branches of the trees and land on their heads forcing them to leave…

imagine a thousand of us chuckits even a million of us dropping on your head..your right i would leave as well…so why are you called chuckit’s then…thats where you come in archie…we need you to assist us, for when we have fallen from the trees we become uselsess we can only roll along the ground.hoping that someone or something stands on us.

we can still spike feet…but you archie can pick any one of us up and chuck us at whatever you see trying to harm the turtleenas or simply to warn them away.the reason why we’re called chuckit’s.

but wouldnt you get hurt.if i threw you .dont worry about us said the chuckit…thats our job.and if you came here every year you would see that we reproduce.look around you ..the stream is surrounded by chuckit trees..its our duty, to protect and guard the turtleenas..

the turtleenas only breed once every ten years. if they go, then we’re all gone, forever. and the magic spells made by the gone fairys would break…

but why would anyone want the turtleenas dead & gone…..the chuckit’s went on.. turtleenas are only one of a kind and it is believed that once killed. the horns and furry underbelly of the turtleena’s if sold, would provide a life time of wealth to anyone who discovered them making them the richest person on earth.

this would make the only best kept scottish secret ever known “known”,and the turtleena’s would almost certainly become “extinct” ..and for what, so someone can become rich and the continuation of life for the turtleena’s is worth so much, more than any price could ever fetch.

ochadinaeno would also become none existant, as people would move in from places all over the world ,and tear the land down looking for more turtleenas, then they would start building more of them houses that you live in.. thats the price we would have to pay.

ohhhhhh thats bad i said ,we cant let that happen… we also have cousins “cousins” yes said the chuckit’s, the plant you call the thistle.. take a closer look at it, you will see similaritys.

like us they have spikes but thistlles also have jagged thorns on their body called the stem the thistles are also round with purple fluff at the top. the gone fairys cast their spells dropping thistle seeds all over scotland to protect the lands in which the turtleenas may exist.

( so there may be more turtleenas )" maybe" said the chuckit ( maybe not ) i only know of the ones in ochadinaeno…so can the thistles talk i asked… no said the chuckit’s…but the thistles can whistle you will hear them in the wind if any harm comes to the turtleena’s

the thistle also sends its little purple fluffy bits, drifting all over scotland trying to reach all the special kids to warn them of any danger to the turtleenas, (drifting) .

yes drifting in the wind, like the gone fairys once would have done. or by simply attatching themselves onto bees and other flying insects.
wooow this was sad, but interesting and way too much for me to take in "but i had to take it in "i wanted to help protect the turtleenas.

what do i have to do, you must promise with your heart never to tell anyone ever, not in your entire life time about ochadinaeno.
the turtleenas, the gone fairys or us chuckits….

the gone fairys may still be around ,but living in many other secret places…
so i made that promise..,and kept my word….

someones coming said the chuckits. danger is approaching, take up your positions.
daddy and daniel were on their way back and heading straight towards us. thats my daddy and my brother daniel.

shhhhhhhhhhh said the chuckit ,not a word, i sense danger. but thats my d-d. shhhh trust me i know.

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wittle archie whats happening what are you doing, ahhhhh i know what your doing, your looking for that fish you saw in the stream " aren’t you."nooooooo"i was just playing.

daddy headed back for dinner. let me help you find that fish daniel said, and walked over to the stream,
picking up stones he began throwing them in the water ( ohhhhhhhh nooooo ) (quick now ) said the chuckit…remember what i told you.

.use the chuckit’s before he kills the turtleena’ it now archie. keeping my promise.i picked up one of the chuckit’s and chucked it at daniel to warn him away,as the chuckit spun round in the air towards him ,it retracted its little spikes and hit daniel right on the head,

as it hit him the little spikes from the chuckit stuck into his hair,daniel then fell into some thistles on the stream bank ,aaaaaahhhhh ouch! ow! that hurts…thats it im telling mummy and daddy, daniel stormed of in the huff,

well done archie said the chuckit’s. i can see we are really going to be good friends now,..this was the beginning of a very good friendship..hopefully a life long friendship..

i have to go for now, i will probably get a row from my mummy, but i will see you in while..ok . but before you go, us chuckits have something to give you,…pick anyone of us up, and place us on the open palm of your hand.

so i did…woooooooooooooooooow right before my very eyes the chuckit on my hand began to open, and a small golden half round thing came out..shaped like a half moon ( what is it i asked ). this is a reward a token of friendship and our appreciation and for a job well done"you saved the turtleena’s from disaster..

its a golden smile said the chuckit’s "woooooow it certainly made me smile…i put it in my pocket and headed back to the shack. mummy did give me a row for throwing chuckit’s at daniel, and it took her ages to get the little spikes out his hair.

your a bad boy she said to me. i knew i couldnt say anything about what happened that afternoon ,but if she was to know my reason , then she’d see, just why i did what i did. im not a bad lad,not as bad as daniel would have been, if he’d hurt or even killed the turtleena’s.he could have ruined everything.

just before tea time i made my way back to the stream ,where i was greeted by the chuckit’s,
heyyyyyyyyy wittle archie, how are ok ..thats good said the chuckit’s because we have another little surprise for you

while you were gone.we had a chat with the turtleena’s, and they said they would like to meet you.“they would”awww i’d really love to meet them too. this was unbelievable. whaaaaaaaaaat a weekend

cmone pick me up and go over to the stream. so i did. when i got their, the chuckit’s started to call the turtleena’s .making chirrrrrpy cheeeepy sounds ,exactly like the turtleena’s did.

the turtleena’s called back…they were communicating with each other this was amaaaaaazing….
look down into the stream archie, said the chuckit’s, wooooooooooow am i dreaming i must be dreaming must be.

your not dreaming archie this is real,said the chuckit’s. right in front of my very eye’s were eight turtleena’s all perched onto rocks in the stream. i was right there was exactly eight of them,

they were using their front legs like arms to hold onto the rocks, in a half in,half out position, the chuckit’s went on to explain there are two adult turtleena’s and six baby turtleena’s.

the male turtleena has two tiny little white horns on its head and a red back, the female has a single white horn on its head, and a yellow back.the babys also have horns on their heads from birth.

can i touch them or hold one. i asked. im sure they wont mind.said the chuckit’s, you hold the golden smile the symbol of true friendship.i was very excited.but i would preffer it, if you asked them first. so the chuckit’s did.

yes, they would all like to meet you archie but be extremley careful as you pick them up, they’re pretty delicate said the chuckit’s. so very slowly i put my hand just under the water,this was unbelievable they didnt even scuttle away…

the adult male was first to climb onto my hand, using its two front legs, it pulled its self up, and as it did, i could feel its furry underbelly tickle my hand,i began to laugh..

as i lifted the turtleena out of the water,i could hear the other turtleena’s calling..whats wrong i asked the chuckit’s. nothings wrong they said , the turtleena’s are laughing with you, they also think this is funny.

i had to do this with each and every single one, they all wanted to meet me .this was the bestest day ever,and something i will never ever forget in my entire life time.

just after i had finished meeting them all, i heard mummy call..i guess it was getting late and must be time for me to go,will i see you all
tomorrow , of course you will said the chuckit’s , we still have so much to talk about.

see you in the morning wittle archie, you have the bestest nights sleep ever.
i" did" have the bestest nights sleep ever, i was counting chuckit’s in my sleep ha ha..

the next morning when i woke up. i heard strange noises,like a large machinery.whats going on here i thought. as i looked out side i could see this big digging machine. daddy said i think they must be bringing in the machinery to prepare the ground for new shack huts…

ohhhh no this could be disasterours. i ran all the way down to the stream, over here said the chuckit’s we cant be seen talking.this is what i was going to tell you . those are the things that break up the land and tear down the tree’s, the reason why the gone fairys left.

they’re going to build again so more people can move in on the land this could be the end for us all…..
ohhhhh nooo, i could even hear the turtleena’s, their chirping and cheeping was different, they were worried ,scared
and i could’nt blame them.

what can i do to stop this from happening, there is nothing you can do said the chuckit’s. we have tried to break them, but their skins are too tough, when we drop onto them,they dont even respond…and just keep ripping the land apart

but there must be something i can do.what about the turtleena’s, what if they get found, or hurt, this is bad,the worst that could happen.
what if every tree dropped every single one of chuckit’s onto this machienery wouldnt that stop them..

no said the chuckit’s we have tried that before. we cant stop them, this is the end. this isnt fair there must be something i can do.there’s got to be a- way..then i had a thought…

my daddys a very powerful man, maybe he can do something to stop the machinery. i’ll be back i said to the chuckit’s .running all the way back to the shack. when i got there i was all out of breath.

daddy,i said as i was puffing and panting, daddy. what is it archie he said. try to catch you breath and take your time, whats wrong. all i could do was point at the machinery. what is it archie ,they’re only going to build more shacks so more people can have nice holidays.

but, but ,thats wrong daddy,i was still trying to catch my breath.. awww archie daddy said.if they dont build places like this, then no one will have nice place’s to go on holiday. but thats it daddy you said it, your right.

if they destroy this place then there will be nowhere nice to go, not even for us. becuase the next time we come, there will be nothing,nothing but lots and lots of wooden shacks , the small streams will be filled in, and the tree’s will all be gone..

mummy said to daddy. archie’s right you know, we came here because we enjoy the countryside the rivers and the natural beauty of being outoors, if they take that from us we will have nothing. eventually these holiday shacks will turn into villages,then small towns,over run by people. then they will build brick houses.eventually turning into small city’s

what about polution as well, we enjoy the clean air and the silence.its quiet here there’s no traffic,soon they will start building motorways we have to think about the future of the land, and the protection of our countryside. what about the wild life. archie’s totally right.we need to stop them “now”.

i was really glad mummy took on board what i said, at least i had her on my side, daddy thought for a minute. then it made sense to him.yes you are right, and archie,s totally right, but what can i do to stop them. mummy said to daddy you know people, there must be something you can do…talk to the people.

so daddy went over to where the machinery was parked, and spoke to the men in charge. i dont know what he was saying, but i could see daddy smiling and pointing everywhere…heads were nodding

i ran back to tell the chuckit’s so they could tell the turtleena’s, that i had daddy and mummy on our side,and that daddy was talking to the men in charge. oh i really hope he can do something.i said

i guess your doing your best said the chuckit’s, we’re more worried about the turtleena’s what will become of them.chestnut chuckit tree’s can grow anywhere, we will always be around in one place or another, but the turtleena’s have nowhere to go, they wont be able to survive. it will truly be the end for them. time is running out.

ive seen this happen before, the work will probably start first thing tomorrow. what was i going to was i going to save the land the turtleena’s and the chuckit’s…i went over to see if i could hear what daddy was talking about with the men, they wanted money thats all they were interested in..greedy so and so’s

daddy could never afford to buy this place ,he would never have enough money.never in a million years. daddy took my hand and we both headed back to the shack.awwww archie im sorry, he said there’s nothing i can do.they want money. and i just dont have it…

when we got into the shack mummy had already started packing our things getting ready to go back home, there was an atmosphere of silence
as we all felt sad. when mummy picked up my trousers that i left lying on the floor, the golden smile fell from my pocket…

whaaats “this” she said, where did that come from, archie. do you know what this is…yes its a golden smile.
yes she said, but this is special very very very special.infact archie this could be the answer to our problem

she went on there’s a story behind this, something about turtleena’s, daddy come here i want to show you something
daddy came through and saw it. the golden token of true friendship woooooooooooooooooooow he said.a golden smile
i didnt think i would ever have seen one of them in my entire life time.

where did you get that archie. do you know that the golden smile has the same value of that of the rare scottish turtleena’s
furry belly and white horns..

wooooooooooow i thought, but i think your talking fairy tale’s dont believe in that stuff do you.daddy winked at me.
well it looks like we can save the land and buy it for ourselve’s. so no more tearing the land down

i ran as fast as i could all the way down to the stream and told the chuckit’s, and the turtleena’s the good news.even if the turtleena’s could’nt understand me. the chuckit;s said for the first time the turtleena’s actually did.

daddy made a few phone calls.and sold the golden smile to a museum which is in a place called ochadinaeken.
later that afternoon, the machinery moved out ( for good )
after saying my goodbye’s to the chuckit’s and the turtleena’s who were the happiest ever,

we headed for home, it was dark ,daniel fell asleep.
and im pretty sure i could see the gone fairy’s returning back to ochadinaeno..
through the back window of the car.

they were sparkling and made a golden smile in the sky.
then said thanks archie in big golden sparkling letters wooooooooooooooooow

what an ending eh!

the secret of ochadinaeno


ALLOA, United Kingdom

  • Artist

Artist's Description

can you keep a secret join me in the scottish highlands for some ,fun laughter adventure,thrills,and weird things.the bestest every story since harry potter

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