wittle archie ( i heard santa )

hi yo! dudes and dudettes ha ha its meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wittle archie
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did ya have a greeeeeeeeeeeat christmas i had the bestest.
mr santa claus must be the most amazingist santa claus in the whole wide world. he knew exactly every single thing i wanted for christmas . whaaaaaaaaaat a guy eh !

on christmas eve me and my brother daniel went to our beds early like us kids do eh!
“well” thats what mummy and daddy fink . they’re wrong. me and daniel hardly slept a wink all night…we just talked about what we’d like for christmas
boy the things us kids can fink of its unbeeeeeeeeeelievable. we talked so much i cant even remember falling asleep.but what i can tell you is this. shhhhh and listen…
me and daniel were in our beds talking about all the things we wanted for christmas bikes, cars ,scooters ,motorbikes ,roller blades, trains, games, new sports shoes, football kits,colouring books everything. it was magical the thought of having everything we wanted wooooooooooooooooow just imagine. then we heard mummy and daddy going to bed it must have been late.they always go to bed late.me and daniel really had to whisper then.so we couldnt be heard ..we must have talked for ages then daniel fell asleep. i hate falling asleep after daniel i get scared a little.but this night i wasnt scared not one bit, i was waiting on santa coming to our house, when i had this thought “ohhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooo”. how’s santa going to come to our house ,we dont have a chimney…daniel daniel i whispered ( i got no reply ) so i crept out of bed and sneaked across to daniels bed ..daniel i whispered again, he was fast asleep. mmm hmmmm yummm bummm he mumbled. nah he wasnt getting up. i had to act fast..sneaking into the hall way i opened the porch window the one above the front door at the top of the stairwell…then i sneaked back into my room closing the door very quietly not to waken anyone. there …i said to myself ,santa can get in that way. by this time i was getting tired, i could feel myself drifting to sleep, but at the same time snapping myself awake again…then i heard it….he was heeeeeeeeeeeere santa was here. in my house,our house wooooooooow putting my hand over my mouth daniel daniel daniel i whispered heeeeeeeeee’s here santa’s here..hmmmmmm daniel was in the deepest sleep ever. no chance of waking him…i was lying in bed and just outside my door i could hear santa bringing our presents i was nearly wetting myself with excitement. this was super mega ultra aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing…i wanted to get up and have a sneak peep.but if i did and santa caught me ( oh ) i would hate to think if i spoiled anything.shhhhhhhhhh i thought ,i must keep quiet..listening to all the sounds going on outside my bedroom door this was something else ,and i can tell you here and now..( santa doesnt bring presents alone ) uh! uh! no way ,because i heard whispering ) that must have been santa’s little helpers.they even fart …this was weird, but good and daniel was asleep and missing everything …and guess what! nah nah nah nah nah ,i was’nt even scared….i could hear footsteps in the hallway and floorboards creaking and bags rustling and voices going shhhhh. santa and his little helpers must have been bringing lots of presents because i heard them go up and down the stairs lots of times.by this time i was really excited. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy and guess what!..santa watches football….i was nearly alseep when i heard the television go on ( how about thaaaaaaaaaaaat ! ) yeah ha ha..guess he likes footy eh! thats when i must have fallen asleep..next thing i knew .i was awakened by daniel ,he;s mad ,he was bouncing and jumping on my bed and throwing his pillow at me c’mone archie get up.get up you little lazy shhhh .do you know what day it is..i was still tired. and replied in a grumpy voice…course i know what day it is.. .its christmas… now get of my bed…i told daniel about last night and he didnt believe me uh! uh! your talking rubbish he said…..but i know ….because i heeeeeard …so theeeeere…… me and daniel got dressed and went down stairs wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, we said, and both at the same time looooooooooooooooooooooook aaaaaaaaaaaaaat aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the presents for usssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.yaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
there were hundreds no thousands nahhhhh millions of them. im not going to tell you what i got for christmas but i got everything i asked santa for in my letter..a train, a bike, a football a watch , ohhhhhhh ha ha i wasnt going to tell you, .i forgot…… i told daniel i had to open the porch window at the top of the stairs . and that i saved the day.and gave santa access through our window because we dont have a chimney. i also told mummy and daddy i heard santa and his little helpers in the hall way ,and that i heard them whispering and farting mummy daddy and daniel all laughed…then they explained to me about the window ,…wittle archie you dont need to open windows for santa and his little helpers , santa can turn into magic dust and come in that way .likek the sprinkling of gold glitter .( yeah more like christmas fart dust ) ha ha merry christmas everyone….till next time you all take care lwots and lwots of love wittle archie

wittle archie ( i heard santa )


ALLOA, United Kingdom

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