wittle archie's dream ( someone's or somethings )

i had the weirdest everest dream

last night i went to my bed really early , i was ab-so-lutley exhausted from playing all day on my bike ( riding makes you really tired does’nt it ) anyway getting on with my story ,as soon as my head hit the pillow . i was out. like a light. the click of a finger.next thing i knew, i was in this big old building like a castle,just like the big scary the ones you see in them dracula films.
in this castle everything was strange not forgetting weird. clocks were upside down and at the wrong time.pictures hung sideways,and the carpet was on the celing instead of the floors ,i was in an upside down left to right world . .(shhhh listen to thissssssssss ) walking along a huuuuuge corridor, the walls and celings must have been at least 100 foot high and 100 foot wide, while walking along i shouted hello..i could hear this voice in the distance ( hello hello hello ) is there anybody there, it repeated me ( anybody there, any body there,anybody there ) woooow this was weird and kind of frightening at the same time.how did i ever get to be in such a place…but no one came so i gave up calling, it was only my voice echo-ing in such a wide open space…whaaaaaaat a place though , the doors must have been about 25 foot tall .thatssssssss massssssssssssive.who could live in such a place..why was i their .suddenly i heard this loud thud.that echo’d and echo’d like a million doors closing shut. then i heard footsteps walking really fast and heading towards me.sounded like hundreds of i dont know what’s.. someone’s or something’s and heading towards meeeeee .very quickly i hid behind what looked like a bookshelf , yes it was a bookshelf i remember now the books they were as big as my bedroom door.and the backs were facing where the fronts would normally be.. as the footsteps got nearer all i could hear voices yum yum yum—- yum yum yum —yum yum yum—yum yum yum-jeeeeeeesh ,sounded like a hundred somethings walking past and at the same time eating something. i started shaking, peeping my head around the bookshelf, i tried to get a look to see what the someones or somethings were or looked like , but i couldnt see anything. the footsteps eventually passed i guess there must have been all in all about 500 someones or somethings. i was hiding for ages. imagine what someones or somethings could even look like .scarrry very scaaaaaary indeed. i could almost feel the hairs standing on the back of my neck..anyway after the footsteps eventually passed and faded, i heard another loud thud followed by another million thuds ohhhh my god, i thought. the someones or somethings were out looking for me..it was my own fault, i shouldnt have shouted to see if anyone was around…now i was really scared…what could i do, i was alone. i didnt even know where i was , what i was going to do, or how i was going to get out. i could never reach the door handles. not on doors them sizes. not in a billion years of growing up. very quickly i ran along the corridor and hid behind what looked like a massssssive flower vase which wa upside down ( weird ) …then i heard it again thuuuuuuuuuuuud echod by hundreds of thuds then yum yum yum- yum yum yum- yum yum yum .. ohhh no the someones or somethings were coming back.and to get meeee .this time there was no where for me to run.i was trapped, and yes this time the hairs " were " standing up on the back of my neck . i could hear the footsteps hundreds of them coming back ,getting closer and closer and even closer . you’ll never believe this ,oh my god…the footsteps stopped. right .in. front. of where i was hiding. i closed my eyes and thought to myself ohhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhh noooo..i turned and put my head against the wall ,next thing i felt this cold hand on my back " yum yum yum- yum yum yum" a voice said. then it said it again ( i was really shaking ,sweating and nearly in tears my breathing was becoming rapid and fast ) yum yum yum- yum yum yum- i farted- i was really scared .welllll that whats kids sometimes do ,when we get scared.fart… i opened my eyes ,and turned round very quickly ..and screaaaaaaaaaaaaaamed ! wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh standing right in front of me was my mummy going yum yum yum- yum yum yum.yum yum yum-..i was in my room all the time and still in my bed and mummy was going yum yum yum-yum yum yum she’d been trying to waken me for something to eat for ages ,and all the footsteps i heard .was mummy going back and forth putting my clean washing into the drawers and wardrobes in my room which explain the thudding. i was dreaming all the time… ha ha who ever heard of someones or somethings till next time take care and sweeeeeeeet dreams lots of love wittle archie…

wittle archie's dream ( someone's or somethings )


ALLOA, United Kingdom

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