wittle archie ( my visit to the dentasist )

oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, dont you just haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate dentasists
ooooow i can just feel that drill scraping against my teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeth ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa had you all fooled eh!
infact dentasists are great.let me tell you about my last visit to the dentasist….mummy made me an appointament for the friday, she says that friday’s a good day to get an apointament, because, if the dentasist needs to do anything like oooow the pulling of a tooth, then we have the whole weekend to recover. when mummy told me i was going, i was like all nervous ,i couldnt sit still, i had heard so many scary story’s about the dentasist at school, i was afraid…im not telling you any of the storys because you’ll poo your pants ha ha and we dont want that…besides dont believe everything you hear..except this…arriving at the dentasist i sat in the waiting room with mummy it was greeeeat there was lots of other kids my age.all sitting around with big worried sad faces and drooling pettied lips..and sulking pleeeeeeeeease mummy / daddy cant we just go home…ha ha.. that kind of worried me as well.then this really nice lady came in and said ok who’s next …the silence was deadly..so i put my hand up me miss me me me please miss meeeeeeeee…i wanted to get this over with quickly..i braved it out….so she said ok whats your name .i said wittle archie..the really nice lady then said ok wittle archie come with me lets go see mr instein woooooooooooooooooooow what a name that well reminded me of the big monster frankenstein now i was really scare and worried. as she took me into the room i saw this big electric chair seat thing, it was enourmous like in the frankenstein cartoons woooooooooooooooooow look at that chair awwwwwwwwwwwwwww nooooooooooo im going to die here i thought ..what was i going to do..the really nice lady lifted me up and sat me in the chair..she said its ok wittle archie you have nothing to be worried about the dentasist will be with you in a few seconds.there was a big huge man standing with his back to me he was looking out the window and at the same time stretching out his looooooooooong hairy arms yuuuuuuuk and putting white rubber stretchy gloves on..his voice even grumbled i’ll be with you in a minute..i tried to see his face but all i could see was the back of his head .welllll, oh my god ,he had green spikey hair sticking right up like he had been eletricuted or something..oh no mummy what have you made me do ,i was thinking ohhhhhhhh nooooooooo.i nearly fainted. then the man turned around..hi their wittle archie how are you today he said. am like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat thats no monster infact it was mr instein from around the corner from where i live he’s a real fun guy.i never knew he was a dentasist..i was relieved because i knew him but still scared because i didnt know what he was going to do to me…he said to me relax their archie you have nothing to be worried about, everythings going to be just fine…my nerves started to settle a little but even more as the minutes passed. mr instein explained to me, that all i was their for was to get a routine checkup..he explained some of the tools used and their purpose he even showed me the big bad scary ones but they’re more used on adults ha ha…anyway ( open your mouth archie he said big and wide ) so i did ,pinching at the the sides of my trousers with my fingers and my whole body all tense…you wont believe this.. what happened next..nah i cant tell you..will i, nahhhhhhhhhhhh i cant…ok then i will..welllll i was so tense and it was so quiet in the room ..when all of a sudden and without any warning i lost total control and let out this masaaaaaaasiff ripper of a fart haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa wellllllllllllll did the dentasist mr instein and me absolutley exploded with laughter soooooo much that tears came to our eyes ha ha..it was soooooooooooo funny…when we both calmed down mr instein got on with my check up and said everything was just fine ,he said…you keep brushing your teeth archie and look after yourself. the dentasists was easy peasy ,,,, so much for all the scary story’s you hear from people around school. dont believe everything you hear i had the bestest laugh ever.all he did was put a little mirror thing into my mouth and had a good look around the inside and outside of mt teeth that was all..nothing to be afraid of… i cant wait till next time ( maybe i can ) till my next story you all take care ,all my love and brush your teeth reguraraley love archie…

wittle archie ( my visit to the dentasist )


ALLOA, United Kingdom

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