wittle archie ( its pretty kool to wear glasses )

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone misssssssed you

hi wittle archie here guess where ive been hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
cant you guess ( noooooooooooooo ) ok then i will tell you. i’ve been to the optitions yaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i didnt ever mention this to anyone because i was scared embarassed and thought everyone would laugh and take the micky out of me..welllllllllllll
was i wrong or whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat… boyyyyy was i wrong…ok how did this start..let me see hmmmmmmmm.yeah i remember i was about four at the time.
mummy and daddy always read me night time stories ( theyrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre brilllllllllliant ) awwwww and always the bestest storys too.about wizards and toys and magic and everything. there’s little me getting all heavy at the eye lids ( half shut ) and trying to listen to the story’ untill it finished ( but i dont think i ever heard a story end ( im a fast deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep sleeper ha ha ) anyway i wanted to read the books and learn the words so that i could read the stories myself as well ( i wanted to be a big boy like my older brother daniel he’s a greaaaaaaaaat reader ..when mum and dad would teach me to read i couldnt really make out the words and picture’s properly..eveything was always out of focus like a blurr.and this used to give me sore heads make me tired and i would get all frustrated with myself and other people around me..mum and dad always lost patience with me and pretty soon gave up..its hard to recognise a problem if you dont know the symptoms..and as no one else in my family wears glasses that made it even harder for them to realise that i had a problem. after beginning school at the age of five, we got reading in school like most kids do ( english and other stuff ) ha and i hated it..but yeah i was getting all the symptoms sore heads,tired,moody, frustrated even angry because i couldnt concentrate.. the teacher would always say ohh whats wrong archie arent you well today..im fine miss, i would say just a little tired..oh you must get some sleep archie she’d say .go to bed early tonight and you’ll be fine in the morning……so i always found a way out of doing my reading untill one day another girl started ,new in class..she wore glasses,she kept staring at me " how weird is that " anyway and at lunch time she came over to me and asked me if i had a problem with my reading…n-n-n-no i said, lowering my head to the ground..what happened next ( you -just-wont-believe ) sitting up close to me she put her arm around me….. wooooooooooooooooow ha ha no its not what you think…no she wasnt being my girl friend yuuuuuuuuuuuk who’d want one of themmmmm..besides i was too young for that….yukky kissing. yukky cuddling and yukky holding a girls hand ooooooooooow thats bigger boys stuff…anyway i pulled her hand of my shoulder…archie she said if i ask you something will you promise to tell me the truth…she had me worried for a minute…i said .yeah, but that depends upon what your asking claire ..yeah claire was her name, sorry i forgot to mention that, its always polite to let others know the name of the person you are talking about..she her lol thats just silly..anyway so claire asked me “archie”.. when you get all moody in class is it because.you can hardly see the writing in the books or isnt it clear enough, that the pictues are blurry looking and the writing seems too small..“surprised”..i was.. she knew exactly what was happening to me and by the time she was finished talking to me she told me everything about myself wooooooow how to girls know that sort of stuff thats aaaaamazzzzing. after explaining everything, it all became clear. claire wore glasses so why shouldnt she know all those things. she said to me your not alone in this world archie, there are many people, other boys and girls in the world like you, even some older people and it ‘s nothing to be embarrassed about. i was like you she said .but you can get help and get the problem sorted its the only way..if you dont you’ll continue to strain your eyes and the headaches will eventually get worse as you get older and you wont be able to read, claire was so right. after talking through our lunch break claire agreed to go with me to see my teacher, mrs ranking ( now dont you dare even ask about why she is called that ) im saying nothing..anyway we went to see mrs ranking and she did a few little tests with me, using different sized letters pictures and numbers..and colours.yes she said. im afraid there does seem to be a bit of a problem archie, so she asked me if it was ok to call my mummy..yeah course it was…guess what guess what ( i got the rest of the afternoon of school yaeeeeeeeeeeeeee ) mummy came and picked me up from school and took me to see a boptition hmmmmmmm no thats wrong a hoptition noooooo thats wrong as well …ahhh i remember now it was an optition someone who can tell if you have problems with your eyes…when i went in i was all shy and quiet and wouldnt say very much. but the people their were very nice. they gave me a lollypop mmmmm yummmm and i got to look at some nice pictures and books..eventually after talking to my mummy they did some eye tests with me. ha ha you should have seen me i was like something from a space film wearing all these funny shaped really cool glass things and the man in a white coat would change the lense things all the time. is that one clear archie asking me, can you read the writing and see the pictures .eventually i could,yaeeeeeeeee i saw everything chrystal clear wooooooooooooooooooow this was perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect briiiiiilliant..mummy was happy too.and she could see i was happy..after waiting around for about 30 minutes the people in the shop made me up a pair of glasses and i got to pick the frames for them while we were waiting ,wow i tried all sorts of frames on and all different colours as well.i chose small round gold frames ,they were really cool, and for the first time i could see really clear and read everything suuuuuperbly..so after getting my glasses we went home to show daddy and daniel they were like woooooooooooow looooooooooook at youuuuuuuu archie are you just the koolest kid around or whaaaaaaat…i felt like a superstar…next day at school everyone saw that i was wearing glasses and they thought the same woooooooooooooooooow looooook at archie isnt he just super cooooooool ,of course some people said things to me that were silly and seemed like they were taking the micky out of me, but yeah i know everyone was jealous, because i had glasses and they didnt…( claire ) what about claire…wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll …. when i saw claire clearly for the first time with my glasse on she was the mostest bestest beautifulest nice’st sweet;st girl i had ever seen ( ..and you know how i was saying girl friends are for older boys..wellllllllllllllll i take that back…..no im not telling you anything ha ha maybe i will in the future lets just say woooooooooooooow shes a good kisser mmmmmmmm yummmm. till next time you all take care lots of love archie

wittle archie ( its pretty kool to wear glasses )


ALLOA, United Kingdom

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