wittle archies fisrt day out alone ( the shadow ) a friend for life

hi my name is wittle archie im jusht shevan years of age and im from a village called sauchie in clackmannanshire scotland uk

hi to all my adorable friends, today im going to tell you about my first day outside playing by myself..
growing up is always a difficult time for us kids,because we want to do things our way like venturing off alone , always running away from mummy and daddy when ever we can..we would do this especially when out shopping with mum and dad. im sure you can remember those times.mummy would be in the que at the check out putting up the shopping onto the thing that moves it along ( that was our big chance ha ha ) one turn of the head and we’d be off like a shot booooooooooooooom
gone ,and straight to the sweety shelves mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum that was just the bestest place to be…we’ would just stand their staring up and down left to right at all the lovley yummy sweets dreaming yum yum yummmmmm then a voice would come over the loud speaker thing..missing child dressed in blue denim shorts and a red t-shirt if you see him report to a member of staff…that was for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ha ha..anyway those were the days , and the days that we spent most of our time looking up at everything..everything was always bigger than us including the sweety shelves..which brings me to todays story .i was five years old when i first was allowed to play out in the garden.thats when i got my first football as well… mummy had just finished making breakfast when she said , i have a little surprise for you archie yesssssss i said…. i love surprises …dont you..then she gave me it …wooooooooooooooooow a football yaeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can i go out to play with it mum can i can i.i asked.mum said yes but you must stay in the garden and put something warm on like a jacket..it had been raining all morning…this was my first time outside alone this was brilliant infact this was ultimate…so i put on my jacket and went outside.kicking my ball up and down the garden back and forth i even built my first goal posts out of some toys that were lying around in the garden…yeah us kids are lazy to put things away…after a while in the garden the sun came out . it was waaaaaaaarm so i took my jacket off and threw it on the ground…when i went to pick up my football i noticed this big black thing. wellllllllllllllllllll i nearly pooped myself whats this..it was following me and doing things i did so i started to run away from it leaving my football behind..everywhere i went this big black thing would follow me..it looked like a scary person figure thing.i didnt know what it was..i tried to hide behind a tree in the garden . the black thing was even hiding from me at the otherside ..ohhhhhh noooooooo i thought i started to get really scared and began to scream and cry this was horrible i was frightened, i couldnt get my football and i couldnt get my jacket.what was i going to do..it was behind the tree waiting on me..i looked at the house, it was only a short distance away…my heart was racing and i was sweating..i must run into the house still frightened and crying i took a big massive deep breath and raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan like mad with all my life…tripping and falling on the way to the front door i could see the black scary thing following me i really did poop myself ha ha..i managed to get into the house still screaming and crying mummy said..awwwwwwwwwwww whats wrong archie have you hurt yourself…all i could do was point i couldnt even speak i was dead scared also out of breath..its out their mummy i eventually said…whats out their archie….i dont know i replied but its following me and making me scared,its trying to get me..awwwwwwwww come show me archie mummy said…so after getting my breath back and confidence up we both went to the front door and opened it…oh theres nothing there said mummy..i think it has gone..well mummys arent scared and mummys know best so off i went back into the garden to play .when ( noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ) there it was again ..face to face right in front of me…wellllllll i just froze on the spot i didnt know what to do..this time i might get caught..i just stood and screamed and screamed and even better screamed untill mummy came back outside to get me…what is it archieshe shouted…i stood with my eyes closed and hands over them pointing to the ground…..mummy went into this histerical fit of laughter daddy and my brother daniel arrived home from school at the same time and saw mummy laughing her head off…i was still screaming…whats wrong with archie dad asked..mum said still laughing ..i think archies just discovered his shadow ha ha ha…dad mum and daniel then all laughed off their heads..then showed me that they all had a shadow as well..infact everyone in the world has a shadow but its only visable when the sun is out..ha ha i had no reason to be scared infact my shadow is my new best friend for life..whats all the fusssssssssssssssssss ha ha ha so that was my first day out alone till next time you all take care lots of love wittle archie oh and before i forget try to look at the things on a ground level we have so much to learn

wittle archies fisrt day out alone ( the shadow ) a friend for life


ALLOA, United Kingdom

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