wittle archies new pet silver and trip to the funfair

hi my names wittle archie im just a wittle boy of shevan years of age im from a village called sauchie in clackmannanshire uk scotland, today im going to tell you about my new pet called silver and the funfair…

the school had broken up for the summer holidays and the funfair allllllllllllllllllllllways comes to our town at that time of year.its greeeeeeeeeat fun… mum and dad ,me and my brother daniel always go to the funfair every year and have the most bestest time ever…theres so many rides to go on and so much to do….bumper cars, slides,swings,rollercoasters, water ways lots and lots of fun things im sure you can imagine , you can play games and win things as well… its just brilliant fun and i reccomend it for all us kids…
mummy’s and daddy ‘s can also have a great time as well.. so dont you let your mummys and daddys use any exscuse to get out of it….ever ……last year at the summer funfair little did i know, was going to be one of the ultimate bestest days ever ever ever, after ariving and having a few goes on some of the rides dad asked me and daniel if we wanted to try something different…daniel didnt like it when someone else came up with an idea that was different to what he wanted to do.. so said to dad in a grumpy huffy voice…like whaaaaaaaaaaaat dad….dad said lets go win a few things and surprise mummy….hmmmmmmmmmmmmm daniel said, thats not fair, i was enjoying myself, but dad finally persuaded us that we would have fun trying something else. so away from the rides we went over to the stalls where you could throw balls and win great big dogs ha ha stuffed toy dogs….the stalls were all covered in lights and with loud music playing and weird dressed up people shouting at us…heyyyyyyyyy heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy come this way, give it a try and it might just be your lucky day…looked more like a circus clown ha ha…anyway dad took us over and asked what we have to do to win..the man said you gotta get five wins for the big one..whats the big one dad said..the weird looking funny dressed up man pointed at the big dogs.one of them sir..cmone have a go…ha ha me and daniel were histerical arent dads just useless sometimes at winning things….then it was our turn, mine and daniels ,,,,ha ha ha whos laughing now dad replied ….yeahhhhhhhh we were loosing all the time as well…we must have had something like 5 goes each thats 14 shots altogether ,ha ha i cant count maybe you can help or maybe you already know the total amount of goes we had…anyway we lost….the man at the stall felt sorry for us and told us to pick a prize from the second shelf down. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats that i asked pointing to a bowl with a little thing in water moving around ( thats a gold fish the man said ) awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad loooooooooooooook at that isnt it the koooooooooooooooolest a wittle fish swimming around in a bowl…dad laughed do you want it archie…yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i said… i’ love it…but you will have to look after it dad said…thats ok i said ,me and daniel will both look after it….so the man gave us a wittle gold fish in a bowl….we took it over to mummy and showed her it….whats this she said. its our new wittle friend replied me and daniel mummy said awwwwwwwww cute your first little pet me and daniel laughed…so what you going to call it then said mummy…immediatley i said silver daniel picked goldy dad laughed said we were both crazy..tell you what..i’ll flip a coin one of you can pick heads and the other tails and which ever side lands face up wins to choose the name for the fish..i chose heads daniel got tails..so dad put his hand in his pocket pulled out a coin and tossed it right way way up in the sky ( nearly hitting a passing bird ) then the coin came whizzing and flipping back down and landed on the ground right in front of dads feet..woooooooooooooooooooooow that was high i said,mummy laughed…standing with his foot over the coin daddy said ok, are we ready to see who wins naming the fish..taking his foot of the coin yaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it was heads i won and daniel had lost. so i got to name my new wittle pet gold fish silver…everyone laughed..ha ha who eeeeeeeeever heard of a wittle pet gold fish called silver..daniel was’nt very pleased because he lost and i won, i could see it in his face…yes he was in the huff…mummy and daddy went to buy us all a candy floss to eat ( mmmm yummmm ) so me and daniel went over to the big wheel and stood by the fence with silver..silver was beautiful it would swim round and round in its bowl every now and then stopping to look at me then round and round again..awwwwwwwwwww look at that daniel said it likes you ………..heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i thought… i had an idea….do you think silver would love to go on a ride with me …daniel laughed dont be stupid thats just silly..who would take a goldfish on a ride at the funfair ha ha ha im going to tell mum and dad .. so daniel went over to the candy floss stand ( mmmmm yummmm )beside mum and dad…well i said to silver no ones going to laugh at us..so i sneaked passed and into the que at the big wheel..just as i looked over to mum and dad i was pushed with silver in through the entrance and into the big wheel ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo but ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i though me and silver are going on the big wheel wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow…taking our seat i could see over to where mum and dad and daniel were standing ,they were looking for me ha ha …….i shouted to them waving with one arm and holding onto silver with the other…mum and dad didnt look too happy ,especially when they saw i was on the big wheel…and with silver ha ha….the look on their faces haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …they looked like they were coming over ,waving to the man who operates the big wheel but it was too late..we had already started to move weeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeee wooooooooooooo hooooooooooo this is great fun, picking up speed..silver was splishing and splashing in its bowl it even looked like it was having great fun as well..when we were going up in the big wheel silver was at the bottom of the bowl and when we were coming down again silver would be at the top of the bowl im sure it was smiling ……we were going faster and faster..up and down up and down, silver by this time was actually out of its bowl and in mid air as we started to come down lol it was so funny silver was splishing and splashing and flipping in and out of the bowl we must have went round about 25 times no a thousand times…eventually we stopped mum and dad and daniel and the man who operated the big wheel came running over to me…ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh mum said.. i thought mummy was going to faint , are you alright is silver alright …how could you… how could you mum said..dad ,daniel and the man laughed their heads off. but we were alright i was good and silver was safe and sound in its bowl swimming round and with the biggest smile on a gold fishes face ever …ha ha you had us all worried said daddy…i looked at silver and said i was with my bestest friend in the world and we had the bestest time ever…dont you ever try something like that ever again mummy said, always tell and adult where your going especially your mummy and daddy you had us worried anything could have happened to you and silver…but as always mum was right us kids should always tell our parents or someone we know where we are going…even if its a simple walk with a pet only a few yards from home..still i had the bestest time eve,r i had a new pet called silver and we had fun at the funfair..till next time you all take care look after your pets and remember a pets for life lots of love wittle archie

wittle archies new pet silver and trip to the funfair


ALLOA, United Kingdom

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