wittle archies windy experience

hi my name is archie and im jwusht a wittle boy of only shevan yearsh of age and im fwrom a village in scotland uk called sauchie

to-dway im gwoing to twell you a stwory abowt my windy experience it was the besht time of my life…

it was sunday last day of the weekend before we go back to school, sitting around in the house, we were all bored me mummy and daddy and my brother daniel…sitting around doing the usual same things everyday can become boring .so we thought and thought and even better though hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . we need something to do…and something that involves everyone…so looking out the window we could see it was windy weally weally weally windy. mum shrugged her shoulders in a cold shiver and said ( if you think theres anyway in the world im going out there you can forget it …its freezing and just look at that wind..( hah i laughed thats stupid you cant see the wind ( oh yes you can she said )so i then said ok mum big boots cmone show me, prove to me you can see the wind…then dad and daniel joined in ( yeahhhhhhh ) they shouted and laughed cmone show us the wind…daniel laughed and kinda whispered to me ( when i break wind i cant see that ) the both of us laughed…dad said …dont be rude and let a big one rip….mum said ok cmone the lot of you out this place is stinking ( like someone had let off a stink bomb ( dad was the blame for that one…ours smells of roses haha…so mum kicked us out and said and dont come back for ages…she said i will cook somthing good and special for you all a real treat…..so dad put us in the car and made sure we wore our seatbelts ( thats a good safe thing to do…then dad drove us to the shop..while driving he said i know something we can do…but he told us it was a secret..untill we got to where we were going..so arriving at the shop dad made us wait in the car…and i know what that was for ( cause me and daniel would want lots of sweets mmmmmm yummmm ) but dad said theyre bad for your teeth ( maybe thats why he has none ) gummy gummy gum gum ha ha ha…so he came out of the shop with two funny shaped boxes.very long ..whats that dad whats that me and daniel both asked at the same time..you’ll find out just shortly he said….so arriving at a big open grass park …we shouted what you got dad what you got…dad said ok lets go over to a suitable open area where theres no eletrical pylons cabels or telephone wires and not too many trees or buildings ( me and daniel just looked at each other ) hmmmm wonder whats going on ( this was strange ) dad said shut itttttttttttttttt your both going to love what i’ve got…..then he opened up the boxes and pulled out these strange weird shaped long things with string attatched and nice and colourful too as well ..here you go he said to daniel you can have yours first….so giving it to daniel he unfolded the object and said there you go a kite…wooooooooooooooooooooow i thought thats beautiful loooooooooooooooooooook aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat thatttttt daniels face lit up with excitement wow thanks dad what is it…..its a kite dad explained again …giving daniel two red handles with a clear see through string attatched he said you hold onto that and i’ll get the other end then you can see what it does…so dad took the other end and held it up in the air checcccccck that out wow a picture of a butterfly..so with the wind blowing and daniel holding the red handle things dad lifted the butterfly end above his head and gently let it go ….you hold onto them handles and release the string a bit at a time ok he said…wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow it was flying i stood back in total amazement woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow looooooooooooooooooooooooooook at that awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww its absolutley beautiful i shouted, daniel was flying his kite and mum was right ( i could see the wind awesome )yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i shouted running round and round jumping up and down.this was great fun ..then i got my kite and dad helped me with mine…what a day was the best ever..we learned to do some tricks with the kite making it spin go up and down from left to right and roll it in circles.after hours and hours of fun flying our kites we all headed home to tell mum of our experience and see what she was cooking specially for us…so arriving back at home we all went in the door sniffing ( sniff sniff sniff sniff ) mum said dont worry it will be ready in just a minute…so we all sat in the living area talking about our day…when mum walked in with the biggest massivest enourmoust plates of beans you had ever seen ha ha ha she laughed now you can have your own made wind .we all laughed and ate them all up ,every single one ( guess what happened later that night ) mum made dad sleep on the couch ha ha ha .oh and before i forget the reason dad choose a place with no eletrical wires telepone cables trees or buildings is because if your kite catches on any of them the consequences can be extremley dangerous and maybe even result in death…so please remember the saftey precautions involved before you try playing with or flying a kite and always always ask your parents advice .wishing you a very nice weekend take care untill next time love archie

wittle archies windy experience


ALLOA, United Kingdom

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