frameless picture art by craftsman

from sauchie clackmannanshire scotland uk… representing myself as the craftsman specialising in a new and modern framless picture art, made from natural pine wood,each peace is cut with precision 1/4 inch thick all the way through, similar to that of a wooden jigsaw puzzle only thicker, but crafted with much more detail and much more skill. , each individual peace is then sanded by hand then painted or stained. once the drying process is complete the picture is then built ,peacing all the bits together to form the pictures they represent .the peaces are then held together with a life long adhesive, a soft foam backing is applied to the rear of the picture and then finished with a wall hanging hook, prices varie from £40 not exceeding £100
post and packing add £5…..the more detail the higher the price, send me an email and ask my advice, more than glad to help

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