[HOW TO] Links and photos in Red Bubble

I thought I would do a separate and hopefully less complicated How To in regards to making links and showing Jpg files in RB. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to how these things work. So find the part you are interested in learning, maybe open up and edit an old Journal Entry and practice. VBS…

A URL is simply the text that shows up in your Browser Window Address Bar (up the very top), the line that starts with http:// If I refer to the URL, that is what I am talking about.

  1. ALL CODE IS WRITTEN WITHOUT SPACES Some wrapping of longer lines of code will occur within this Journal Entry, regardless of what the lines look like, code is always one continuous line WITHOUT spaces


Sometimes it’s nice to have a text link when we are conversing to others in Red Bubble to help people

[HOW TO] Portfolio banner as a Link in Red Bubble

Okay … so Xavier has implemented an awesome random banner generator (which shows three works from our portfolios) which can be used as an email signature. Read about it in the Forum

If you wanna use the code for placing a clickable link in your Email Sig file (Or on a web page somewhere that uses HTML code) use your own Promote page to get the code for your banner. If you have any problems getting the Email Sig to work … please post your questions in the Forum topic about that.

Now, for the profile bit you don’t need all this code you only need one part and you don’t even need to use the Widgetinator to get it …. I am going to make it easy for you ;) First you need your Username. That is the text you type to LOG ON to RedBubble, not nessecarily your Name as shown in RedBubble to others.

[HOW TO] Buttons and links to Sets in your Profile.

Okay … we have discussed how to set up Sets in your Profile, if you are not up to speed with doing that yet, I’d advise understanding and get that working first before attempting this next step. You can view that [HOW TO] HERE

At the moment my Profile looks like THIS As you can see I have used the same type of button to try to keep my profile looking neat and tidy. First thing you will want to do is decide on what STYLE you want your profile to be, as the button choice will make all the difference. I liked mine because it sorta had a Red Button feel to it. You can either make your buttons online, the site I used was Button Generator , or you might want to have a go at making your own buttons (my buttons are about 135×25 pixels). Which ever you decide to do you will need somewhere online

[HOW TO] Sets in your Profile

A lot of people are asking how to do the links to sets of photos or works in our profiles … so I thought I would outline it here for those of you that would like that option.…

First thing is to have sets in mind and tags to associate with those sets. Then … make sure you have those tags on the photos you want in each set. This way a photo can actually be in more than one set if you like :)

Then …. to make the links in your profile: (I’ll use my tree tag as an example)
you type the set name followed by the link to all your photos tagged with tree like this ….. but without the spaces:

" Trees " :

When you do this without the spaces you get this:

Edit your Profile and place the set code somewhere within the About Me sec

[HOW TO] RSS is here YEAH!!!!

Well, some of you may have noticed that Red Bubble has introduced RSS Feeds to our JE’s and our Portfolios :) VBS WELL DONE RED BUBBLE!!! I can’t wait for feeds on comments and a feed on our Activity Monitor.…

For those of you unfamiliar with Feeds … You will notice when you look at someones Portfolio or JE’s now, you will see the little Feed symbol and the words subscribe to the left of it. What this means is that if you have a Feed Reader (I will mention those a little later) you can subscribe to a feed of that page and will be notified of any updates on that page at set intervals :) So now, rather than having to manually check to see if people have updated their Journal … or added new works …. you can have all the new stuff FEED right to you automatically :)

Okay … my Feed Reader of Cho

[HOWTO] Want to be recognized .......

I just thought I would sit down and write out a few of the things I do that make my experience in Red Bubble a lot more enjoyable. I’m putting these ideas down in a form of tips, please don’t take these as Gospel!! These are the things I do that I find helps my work get recognized. Things will be different for each of us and we all find our own place. With that said, a lot of these tips will be placing emphasis on recognition. If you wanna be noticed within the Bubble, you have to know what the best way to do that is. Hopefully you can take a little something with you from this that helps you out too :)…

Oh and just a sub note … I am a photographer, so a lot of my experience is with getting my works seen. Hopefully I don’t place too much emphasis on JUST that side and anyone else can apply

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