Thank you :)

VBS Thank you so much to the person who purchased a card of Dream Brother I have added the purchase to the Jordy Fund :) THANK YOU!!

I am so sorry to everyone that I have been so quiet lately. I appreciate all your comments on my works and will try to get back to you all personally at some stage. Life is different for me at the moment and being online and present here has taken a bit of a back seat for now. It doesn’t mean I don’t think about you all often and appreciate the support you have shown Jordy and myself so much!!

Jordy is still doing very well. He still bleeds from the Cancer in his good eye every second day or so and I clean him as best as I can. He doesn’t like it, but I know he appreciates me doing it. I couldn’t think of anything worse than having dry blood around my eye an

Just got back and a new sale :)

Whew … what an amazing week I had :)…

I had my sweetheart over here in Perth because I had the First Court case in relation to a relationship I had over 5 years ago here regarding the property I own. Those of you that have been friends with me for a long time now, will know what I am talking about. Jen came over here for the week and supported me on that day so much!! I love you so much baby!!!

It’s finished now, the bickering and arguments over this house. I can now move on and sell knowing I don’t have to worry about getting paperwork signed etc etc. I also now know exactly where I stand and it’s so freeing!!

I feel a little empty now Jen has gone home again, but at the same time, she fills me so much! Her love is amazing and I can’t wait to be able to spend all my time with her once I a

The Latest Jordy Love :)

Just an update on my recent sales folks :) I forgot to mention in the last update that the Jordy Fund has now passed $800 WOW!! :) :) Thank you so much to everyone who has got behind this fund by purchasing my work. Still a long way to go, but we are getting there. Jordy is doing very well! He has not regressed at all apart from a little blood seeping from his eye once a week or so, which Daddy promptly wipes clean :) :)

Thank you also to the following for your purchases and a special thank you to Little Rascals Studio and all the wonderfully supportive peeps in the Paws N Claws Group {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}

Little Rascals Studio


New sales for the Jordy Fund :)

Hi everyone :) Sorry I have been so quiet lately. I’ve been busy preparing for a court case and have also been focusing on spending more time with my sweet Love Jen.

I made a sale of a Card of Hers a month ago to an anon buyer and being as slack as I am I never thanked whoever it was. Also just now I have made another sale of one of my fav photos … Daylight :) Thank you so much Tragilgas You will have to let me know how it look when you get it :)



Some donating clarification (for the Victorian Bushfires)

Anne from the Phoenix Account (and the Phoenix Group) posted this Bubblemail and I just wanted to pass it on FYI. Please note the part I have put in bold below. If you contact Red Bubble and donate ALL your profits … THEY WILL MATCH THEM!!!!…

Some donating clarification

Hi everyone
Thank you for supporting the Victorian Bushfires Appeal as members of this group, as individuals or through the Phoenix-Appeal account. Lots of people are asking how this all works.

Group Members
If you join the Phoenix Group and submit works to the gallery here, you are in effect pledging profits from the sale of that work. Redbubble is unable to transfer profits from individual works. So it is up to the individual member to forward profits on to their chosen charity.

However, if you are pledging your entire por

Sam the Koala

Some CFA workers who found a Koala dying of thirst after the Black Saturday Fires in Victoria.


As a News item here

Don’t forget that I am donating 100% of my Profits for Feb to go to the Bushfire Fund (Red Cross)

February Profits for Fire Victims

I would just like to let everyone know that for the Pay period of February, I will be sending 100% of the Profits I make on the sales of my work to the Red Cross for the Victims of the Fires still burning throughout Victoria in Australia. If you buy any of my work; your purchase will be going towards raising funds for this cause.

Thank you

Thoughts and Prayers ....

My condolences to anyone who has been effected by the devastation of the Bush Fires in Victoria. Being a Victorian living in WA and wanting to get back … my resolve is even stronger now. I wished I had been there already and was helping in a more physical way. It’s the worst national disaster ever seen in Australia but know that ALL Australia is behind anyone touched by this terrible event.

My Photography and Google Street View

For a long time now I have been putting a little on a lot of my works so that those of you that are interested might take a look on Google maps and see exactly where those photos were taken. Well with the implementation of Google Street View I am pleased as punch to announce I am now linking my photography to the Map and ALSO to the actual view you would get if you drove to that location yourself!!! :) :)…

I am slowly replacing my old map links with this new link above :) Anytime you see this link, just click it (or better still right click and open in a new tab) and you will be able to see the photograph as viewed in Google maps complete with the Map and any of my other photos that may be around that same area.

If you are new to Google Street View, please be patient when loading these l

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