Merry Christmas One and All {{{{{hugs}}}}

Hi everyone :) I am so sorry I have been so quiet of late and will make up for it after Christmas.

I hope each of you have a wonderful Christmas and if I don’t see you before hand, a glorious New Year :) :) Thank you all so much for all your support and love throughout the last year. It’s means the world to all of us here. :) :)

Love and best wishes always :) :)

Craig, Basil, Jordy and Fudge :) :)

Love is in the air ......

Wow :) Two lots of different sales for this JE! :) :) And also I wanted to let everyone know the Jordy Fund has Rocketed past the AU$600 mark last week!! That is amazing and we are so grateful for the love from everyone who has contributed in any and everyway to this :) :)

  1. Thank you so much to PERUGINA for purchasing the following cards AND for also placing a link to the Jordy Fund on her blog !!! Thank you so much for that!!! {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}

  1. TIMES 2

  1. And also …. only minutes after I had created and uploaded the Jordy Calendar …. Digitaldavers blew me away by buying not one … but TWO!!! Thank you so much Davers!!! You are a legend mate :) :)

Hero Dog!!

Taken from the HeraldSun web site View the Original here

A HOMELESS dog has been hailed as a hero in Chile, after being filmed rescuing an injured friend from a Santiago freeway.
The video shows an injured dog lying in the middle of a freeway after being hit by a car, while a rescue dog dodges traffic to run to its aid, Fox News reports.

The rescue dog then drags the severely injured canine across lanes of traffic as cars swerve around it.

Click here to watch the video. (WARNING: May be disturbing for some)

The translation of the voice on the video is as follows:

“These images seen from the surveillance cameras show a very common situation with our overpopulated highways. It is normal for us to see dogs run over. In the video, we can see this dog fighting for his life because he was run ov

Jordy's HUGE Injection!!!

This Morning I awoke to find that the Jordy Fund had received a huge injection of Funds from JBendeth (Jeannette).

Thank you so much Jeannette, Jordy and myself thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! I also LOVE your choices and I can’t wait to hear when you get them :) {{{{{hugs}}}}}

  1. TIMES 10

  1. TIMES 4

  1. TIMES 4

  1. TIMES 4

  1. TIMES 4

Buyer's Booth Photos (Jordy Fund) :)

I said a long time ago that I would do a JE showing those Buyer’s Booth photos that people have posted after buying work for the Jordy fund :) So here it is :) :) Thank you all so much for being patient and for sharing :)

If you have posted one of my works to the Buyer’s Booth and I have missed you, PLEASE let me know so I can include it here :)

If you have bought my work for the Jordy Fund … and haven’t posted to the Buyer’s Booth …. get to it!!! ;) And let me know when you do :) :)

You can read the Jordy Story here

Anne van Alkemade





Thank you Ibah~ - Jordy's Card :)


I would like to thank a new friend of mine Ibah~ from Flickr, for this beautiful gift to Jordy. :) VBS

She read Jordy’s Story on my blog and wanted to share the love as much as she could and made this gorgeous card for him, signed by friends and fur kids alike :) :) Jordy loves it so much!!!

Thank you so much to Ibah and everyone else involved in making this loving card for Jordy :) :)

Jordy gets a Visitor :) VBS

Today was such a beautiful day for Jordy. :) He had a visit from the wonderful Sue Ireland who also lives in Kellerberrin. :) It’s the most attention my little man has had for a while and he lapped it up :) I am sure it did him the world of good :) Little Fudge wasn’t one to be outdone though and wouldn’t leave poor Sue alone. giggle

Thank you so much Sue for taking the time to come and visit and also for your beautiful Card and for the $20 donation to the Jordy Fund. :) {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}} Sorry I’m not the best at making coffee ;) Thank you SO much!! :)

Jordy’s Story

Jordy Update (Wed 5th Nov 2008)

Well I was meant to take Jordy to the Vet (who was visiting town today) but I ended up rushing him into the Vet 45mins away yesterday after a sleepless night with him on Monday.…

I have him home with me again, he stayed in there over night because he had eaten Monday morning and they didn’t want to put him under on the day because of that.

Sunday night while I was petting him in the quiet in bed, I could hear strange noises coming from his head. At first I thought it was the sound of static, but it wasn’t making the noise when I stroked his back, so I listened closer and a huge fear struck me. It sounded as if the skin on his head was dead and was crinkling as I petted him. I panicked!!! I thought that the Operation months ago had failed and that the blood supply to his skin there had sto

Thank you Peggy V!!!! :D:D

I would like to thank Peggy V for adding US$25 (AU$34) to my PayPal account to go towards the Jordy Fund. I don’t know how to contact you personally, so I hope you don’t mind me thanking you publicly here. {{{{hugs}}}} We appreciate your kindness and love very much!!! VBS

Jordy in the Buyers Booth :)

Red Bubble purchased a Canvas Print of Love Is Blind to hang in the Gallery. Martin has posted a photo of the Purchase in the Buyer Booth which can be seen here :) Thanks so much Martin. :) And thank you also to everyone else that has contributed to the Jordy Fund since it’s inception. Don’t forget there is only a short time left if you want to buy something and give me double Profit (which will go to the Jordy Fund) and get free shipping as well :) (See here for details)

Now is a good time!! :)

If you had been wanting to contribute to the Jordy Fund, but had been putting it of for any reason, now would be a great time to do so.…

For the next week Red Bubble will be DOUBLING the profit I make on sales (which will go directly towards the Jordy Fund) and are also offering FREE SHIPPING for that time also!!!

This is the perfect opportunity to contribute doubly towards Jordy’s bills and also recieve your art work free of shipping, so PLEASE take a look thru my Gallery and T-shirts and consider making a purchase :) :) Tell your friends too. Even non Red Bubble Members can receive Free Shipping for a time too!!!

The double profit will happen automatically.

To recieve Free Shipping just enter the code 100000masterpieces during Checkout!! For non members, use the code friendsandfamily


Thank You - Red Bubble!!! VBS

I would like to take a moment to thank the wonderful staff (and especially Pilgrim!! ) for recently purchasing a Large Canvas Print of Love Is Blind and contributing towards the Jordy Fund . Once again I am overwhelmed by the response that Jordy and I have received from the community that is RedBubble!! The kindness and well wishes from both Staff and friends and even strangers here is absolutely Heartwarming. THANK YOU so very much!!

How could I possibly ......

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone sooooooo much for your wonderful words of support from Jordy’s photo Love is Blind being featured on the home page :)…

I have to say, I am overwhelmed by the comments, Bubble Mails, sales and visits to my Blog and I will try to get back to all the Bubblemails, but I may not be able to keep up with the comments … so Jordy and I would like to take this time to say Thank You all so very much for your thoughts and well wishes and support.

Some of you have expressed your support but have wanted to know what the story behind Jordy is. If your would like to read more, click here to read my Blog Journals about what happened (remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and read upwards as the entries are in date order newest to oldest) :) Tha

Princess's have yummy taste :) VBS

Mmmmm :) :) Thank you so much to my sweet Soulmate for not only grabbing this poster, but also helping me so much with …. well you know what baby!! :) You are the Sunshine in my rainy days Princess Polar Bear!!! VBS {{{{{{hug}}}}}} 20,000PLUS!!!

OMG Thank you all!!!

I am so over the Moon!!! Today saw my Art Section reach 100,000 views!! I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support in the time I have been in the Bubb!! I feel like I have accomplished so much!! Thank you all :) :) VVBS

The Jordy Fund hits $300 :) :)

WOW!! :) :)

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to the Jordy fund by either buying my work or donating directly to thru PayPal. As of my last sale, the Jordy Fund has now raised over AU$300 in profit, all of which is going towards paying his Hospital Bills for having his cancer and eye removed :) :)

Both Jordy and Myself (and Basil and Fudge) appreciate your Love and Compassion extremely :) :)

THANK YOU ALL So much :) :)

My First EVER Sale Sale ;)

VBS Thank you so much Suse for taking advantage of buying one of my reduced price works :) Believe it or not, you are the first person to have even taken advantage of this :) :) :) {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Latest Sale Items 50% Off regular Markup. :)

I just updated my sale items, this time including some of my most popular sellers :) This is a great opportunity not only to grab a print of mine at a great discounted price, but also a wonderful chance to be included in my Jordy Fund :) :)

  1. Teardrop from AU$3.75

  1. Storm in Sepia from AU$3.75

  1. Lament from AU$3.75

View Older Sale Items in my BLOG

More wonderful things :)

I just got an email from PayPal saying I needed to accept a CreditCard deposit for $50 from a Wonderful Person. The only thing is, whoever you are, I haven’t received an email or message from you about it, so I will put that in the Jordy Fund under anon unless you let me know you want your name put there with it. You know who you are (H.L.L.) VBS Thank you SO much for that. :) :)

Also, thank you very much to the anon buyer who bought the following three cards. :) I hope they bring you as much happiness as they have brought Jordy and myself :) :)


Jordy Update on my Blog :)

For those of you that have been waiting … I have just uploaded recent (Sunday 11th May) Jordy photos to my blog. :) I am so sorry to those that have been B-Mailing me asking how he is doing … for taking so long to put these up. I just wanted to give him a little time to get more handsomer for you ;) He is such a poser :) :) VBS

You can view the photos HERE

And once again thank you all for your love, well wishes and generosity :) :) :) {{{{{hugs}}}}}

Jornal Entry Mix Up??!!

I have no idea what happened, but all my JE’s have somehow resorted themselves in no particular order :O I hope this fixes itself. It’s harder to find recent stuff this way.

Is it just me? Or did this happen to everyone????

Thank You :)

Thank you so much to animalkrackers for purchasing Indian Pacific as a Mounted Print :)

Like all purchases, it has been added to the Jordy Fund. :) Don’t forget all profits from the sale of my work will go directly to that until it is paid in full :) :)

JORDY UPDATE (16/04/08)

VBS Jordy and I just got home from the vets and he has had his stitches removed :) I think he had about 35 stitches in total, so it was a bit of a job ;) But I can tell he is so happy to have them out because now he is back to rubbing and bumping his head on everything, including me :) :) VBS I will try to get some photos tonight and upload them to my blog (Maybe tomorrow) :) He still looks all shaved, but he is looking so much better :) :)…

Don’t forget the Jordy Fund. :) It’s doing really well and so far sales from my works have raised $152.50 towards Jordy’s bills :) :) Thank you all so much for helping out and sharing the love, it is so much appreciated :) :)

MEOW :) :)

Here is a run down of the costs

P.S. :) If you have posted what you purchased in the Buyers Booth, PLEASE send me the

JORDY UPDATE (05/04/08)

Well … he is finally home :) My little baby man!! It was the biggest day yesterday and I will never forget when the Nurse and Dr walked me into the consultation room and I saw him in his little cage. So raw … so stitched … but he saw me with his single eye … and meowed!! I nearly cried!! Jordy I have been so worried about you. God I missed you matie!!! Straight away I let my fingers weave between the mesh at the front of the cage … and straight away he rubbed my fingers …. like only he knows how to do. :) :)…

The Dr started to explain to me exactly what they had done … and how I should now care for him. Thankfully they had a written sheet made up for me, because his words seemed garbled and no matter how much I tried to listen and look at the Dr … my eyes kept being drawn back to Jordy in

JORDY UPDATE (04/04/08)

It’s 10.20pm Western Australian time and Jordy and I arrived home from Perth a short while ago. He is doing well :) The Dr is very happy with how he is and he chatted up all the nurses, so he must be feeling a lot better :) I will do a Proper update tomorrow and include those of you who have purchased for the Jordy Fund in that update. But now, I think I need to go and spend some time with my gorgeous One Eyed No Ears Alien :) :)…

Thank you all so very much for your support for us during these last few weeks. You all need to know you have lifted me beyond belief!! And the financial help you have given me and Jordy is Greatly appreciated!! I will be posting some photos of Jordy on my Blog this weekend for those interested in seeing what the procedure involved (and what your money helped wit

JORDY UPDATE (01/04/08)

Well as of 30 mins from now … Jordy and I are off to Perth again to see the surgeons. I am so sorry for not having done an update for a while … and also for not having updated the Jordy Fund page. As soon as we get back I will do that.

As far as I know there is no surgery booked … but I am hoping I can talk them into doing something Wednesday to save me coming home and then driving back down there again.

I need to find a motel :|

Anyway … hopefully we will be gone a couple of days and I will update everything when I get back. :) Thank you all so very much for your wonderful Bmails and Support!!! It means so much to us :) :) :) {{{{{hugs}}}}}

JORDY UPDATE (27/03/08)

Okay … after much anxiety and stress I finally rang my Credit Card company and they agreed to lift the limit on my Mastercard enough so that I can now pay for Jordy’s operation on the day!! At first I thought I could pay the bill via payments, but when I rang to talk to them about that, they simply said they’d rather full payment … or at least 50%. So I have been stressing a lot about that, but now I have the credit (and with the help from the Jordy Fund … I am in the process of booking him in. I rang them Wednesday Morning to let them know I have the money and want to go ahead … they still haven’t rang me back (am expecting a phone call at work today). I am really anxious because the longer this is left, the more chance the cancer has spread.…

Jordy has got a bit worse. The tumor on his e

Just Quickly ....

I just wanted to pop in and say sorry for being so quiet lately. I had two of my Brothers over for Easter and they only left tonight … so I have been spending time with them.

Also … I will write an update on Jordy tomorrow (hopefully) so that everyone who has formed the bond with him will be up to speed. Also … I wanted to thank everyone who has bought my work so far … the money from which is going to be going towards Jordy’s Operation. I am totally indebted to you all … and so is Jordy. We both appreciate the love so much!!!


I have added this Journal Entry to show a running total of Profits made towards the Jordy Fund. If you want to help out … Please read my previous JE’s about Jordy here _ – when I first discovered he had Cancer_ and here _ – when I found out he could have surgery_ Any help with this is very appreciated. Or you can follow his progress HERE at my blog. :)…

Thank you so much to everyone for Supporting Jordy and Myself {{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}

P.S. A couple of people have donated thru PayPal … if that is easier for you to do, my email address thru PayPal is I am not sure how you go about making the payment in there, but I know you somehow use that address in Paypal.

Thank you so much to the following people for your support:

Anne van Alkemade

Profit made: $1.50

Jordy Update ... and a favour to ask.

Well most of you would know I received some bad news about Jordy last week. If you haven’t read about it, you can here

My Vet also suggested she could give me a referral the the Murdoch University Cancer Care unit for Animals in Perth, if I wanted to see what sort or treatment etc was available for Jordy if I wanted to go down that road as well. I couldn’t not use the referral and have Jordy get worse and put to sleep soon … and always wonder if maybe I could have done more to help. I am sooooooo glad I took him to Perth today!!! I left him there for an hour while the surgeons looked over him and they gave me three options.

  1. Leave him be to let the cancer spread to his lungs shortly and just give him a good quality of life until such time that the pain was too much and have him put to slee

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep ....... forever.

“*if only tonight we could sleep
in a bed made of flowers
if only tonight we could fall
in a deathless spell
if only tonight we could slide
into deep black water
and breathe
and breathe…

then an angel would come
with burning eyes like stars
and bury us deep
in his velvet arms

and the rain would cry
as our faces slipped away
and the rain would cry

don’t let it end…*":

(click the lyrics to listen to the song)

Today I received some sad news. My little Jordy man has Cancer again. :( I am at a point right now where I am very lost. Anyone that knows me well enough, will understand the bond I have with my Three Boys … but especially so with Jordy … my little Alien.

When Jordy was about 4 years old, he got skin cancer in his ears. Something a lot of animals with w

Introducing .....

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you all to Vic (flowerindattic) from Jakarta in Indonesia :) :) Vic and I met through MySpace and I suggested she should join Red Bubble so she could share her writing and photography with a wider audience :) :) A lot of you will already have bumped into Vic around the Bub as she is a very friendly person and always has something nice to say. So …. if you wouldn’t mind, I would like it if you went and had a look at her Portfolio and read some of her Writing and make her feel nice and welcome like we here at the Bub LOVE to do :) :)

On Black!!

Just letting you all know that some of my photos will have this button in the description:

If you see it … give it a click because it will take you to a bigger view on a black background. But Shhhhhhhhhhh Don’t tell the people at Flickr because they might not like me linking to my on blacks there. ;) Hehehehe

Click Here for an example :)

And don’t forget my BLOG for all things weird and wonderfilled ;)

Mounted Print - Yah!! :)

VBS Thank you soooooooooo much to whoever it was that purchased a Mounted Print of Waving Not Drowning :) This is one of my personal Favourite photos and would LOVE to know how it looks :) :) VBS

One of the Best Blogs!!!

Wow :) :) Just found one of my photos blogged on the above site :) It’s not so much that one of my photos got blogged … I find a lot of my photography around the traps … what excited me was that of ALL the photos on Red Bubble …. they chose In Your House to display!! WOW Wooooot woooooh ;) VBSVBS

Just a reminder ;)

Just reminding everyone my Blog is now up and running. :) :) :)

Just click thru the banner above to have a look … or if you have an RSS feed reader please add me using this link - RSS - that way you can keep up with updates etc :) :)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone :)

I just wanted to wish everyone the most beautiful Valentine’s day. My heart has been slowly melting these last few weeks … I am falling in love so badly and today is a very special day for me :) I haven’t been this happy in such a long time :)

For those of you that feel alone … don’t give up!!! Love is just around the corner and hopefully, like me … if you don’t look so hard for it …. it’ll trip you up and take you by surprise :) :) And then you will feel full again :)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ….. Love to all :) :) :) VBS

Blog Time!!!

Okay I am working on getting a blog together. I have had a HEAP of help from TBO and I thank you so much for that LG!! :) :)

So come on over and give me some constructive criticism if you want, give me some ideas on what else you’d like to see in there etc … or just tell me it looks cool ;)

CAS Photography

P.S. Have a look in the sales section … the photos look so much better on Black there :) :) :) LOOK hehehehe

Good Luck Adam!!

A sad day for me … Adam Gilchrist has announced his retirement from all forms of Cricket. After the One Day Series coming up he will be retiring for good. He has been such a fundamental part of the Australian team for such a long time … and quite frankly a bit of a freak of a sportsman. I guess I feel lucky that I have had the opportunity to have been able to watch someone of this exceptional standard play. Sports people like him only show up once in a lifetime for whichever sport you follow.…

Good luck in your future Gilly!! Thank you so much for all the wonderful nail biting exhibitions you put on!! You will be missed!!

In honour of Gilly … here is a link to the Second fastest 100 ever scored in Test Cricket. 100 runs in only 57 balls faced!!! Second to Viv Richards of the West Indies te

Billy Birmingham's Aussie Pride

Just thought I would add a few links to some Billy Birmingham Audio Files … sorta as an Aussie Day Tribute …. but also just for shits and giggles ;)…

For those that don’t know Billy, (aka the 12th Man) he is a sports Celebrity Impersonator … his raw style and almost perfect impersonations not only bring us tears of joy … but also bring us much closer to those Commentators and Sports People we all love. ;) Enjoy (with tongue in cheek) ;)

WARNING: Some explicit language may be included in these links

Bruce 2000

A tribute to Bruce McEveney, commentator of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, and his penchant for the expression “Special”. Listen closely for all those names!!!

Cricket roundup from Wired World of Sports

Highlights from Richie from the Match between India and Australia in Bombay.


Western Australia - The State of Violence!!

I have only lived here for 6 years … but I know one thing is for sure … WA would have to be the most Violent State in Australia!!…

Shame!!! Shame on you anyone who was involved in the Australia Day Riots at Tom Simpson Park in Mullaloo. To be involved in something so senseless … especially on such a National Day of Pride .. in a public Family place. To then turn on innocent by-standers and Police arriving to settle things down. It’s a disgrace!!! I feel ashamed to call myself An Aussie when senseless stuff like this happens …. and we are trying to stop the Japanese from Whaling??? No wonder we are becoming the laughing stock of the World. If anyone has seen the footage of these riots on the TV you will see how cowardly these arseholes are!! Smashing bottles on heads and then running away!!

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait