How to view my Panoramas :D

Hi all :)…

Sorry I have been so quiet. Been very busy with work and with doing stuff around my houses to make sure they are ready for selling. I had three bites in a week, but all have pulled out now sadly, so it’s back to square one for me at the moment.

For those that are interested in viewing my Panorama’s much more closer and in greater detail, I have started to upload them to a Panorama site. At the moment I only have the two there, but will be adding all of them (and adding the links within the description of each photo) as I get to them. If anyone wants to see one of my Pano’s sooner rather than later … send me a BubbleMail and I will make sure I upload those photos asap :) :)

At the moment you can view these two photos in much greater detail :) :) Have a look and let me know what y

Why am I so quiet???

Hi Everyone :) VBS I know that some of you would have noticed that I haven’t been around for a while. I just wanted to say hi to you all and say I am still here … I am VERY busy at the moment is all.…

Last week I had the Mediation Service with my Ex Girlfriend … We came to a deal where she gets a certain percentage and I get the rest. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it’s over :) Now I am free to sell the houses and she will sign, so it’s a huge relief. :)

Also, two weeks ago I landed a casual job here in Kellerberrin at the local hardware store, so I have been working 30 hrs a week as well :) :) VBS

The other reason I have been so quiet is because I am already packing and cleaning here. I have a buyer (The guy who bought the houses in Jan this year which fell through because of m

Update time :)

So sorry for being a little scarce lately … I have had a lot going on and can now finally breath a little.…

First off, I just went for an Interview for a Job here in Kellerberrin at the local Hardware Store. Originally they wanted someone to help reconcile accounts etc on the computer system, but because I could be up and moving at anytime, they have given me a casual position as a sales assistant :) For that I would like to thank Kate, Judy, Scott and Noel!! Without your help I would never have even thought to ask.

I also had my follow up specialist appointment yesterday in Perth, with the Chest and Lung Dr. My results show I am the same and that with time and giving up smoking, there is no reason I can’t lead a full and normal life :) That was the best news I could have heard. I have bee

Poem Collab Time :) :)

Hi all :) I have the latest photo up for a Poem Collab. You can view and add to it here

This time I haven’t titled it, I think I’ll let the title come to me as the Poem Forms itself :) VBS

Enjoy and have fun :)

WOW :) I can't believe it!!!!

Whew .. .I can’t keep up with the sales at the moment :) :) I don’t mean to sound uppy, but I just sold a Black version of VBS :) Thank you sooooooo much!! :) Now I’ll be able to maybe buy some cards pay day :) :) :) Wooohooooo :) VBS

Thank You Both - Sales :) :) VBS

Thank you not only to the person who purchased A Mounted Print of Mirage ….

But also to the person who bought cards of Forever Autumn and Sheep Crescent :)

Thank you both so very much!! I cannot tell you what your support for me does to help :) :) :) VBS

Am I angry? You bet I am!!!

Hi Everyone ….…

Well It’s been a long time since I sat here and wrote a little about myself like I used to. In a way this is yet another of those updates, only at this point I am angry beyond belief. Maybe that is when I write the best?

A quick Health update which I should have done a long time ago. At this stage I am taking two different Anti Depressants and seeing a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist!! Mentally I am not the best which I guess most of you would have figured from my here again – not here again presence in the Bubble. Some would know I lost my job in May due to a Lung Disease. I have had one specialist Appointment about that and am due to have another follow up appointment in early Oct. As of now I find it nearly impossible to do any physical work for any long period of time.

OMG!! :) :) VBS More!!! WOW!!

OMG :) :) It’s my Birthday!! Not really, but it sure feels like it :) VBS First Jeff, then Kelly … now I have just sold another two cards. VBS Someone has made me so happy. And you know, it still feels exactly the same as it felt the first time I sold something!! It always feels the same :) Thank you so much whoever you are :) :) :)

WOW!! Another Two!! :) :)

It’s the first time in a long time I have stayed up late (It’s 2am Sunday here). What a wonderful surprise to find two more card sales!! :) :) Thank you so much whoever bought these, not only for supporting me, but also showing me I haven’t replied to so many comments ;) VBS hehehe

Thank you :) :)

What do we Expect???

I was trolling through the Bubble and came across a JE from someone that ruffled a few feathers with me. I hate that I sometimes just sit and write what I feel about stuff, but I guess that is what I really loved about the Bubble when I first joined. Those of you who know me from the beginning will understand exactly what I mean, I just say how I feel and people seem to appreciate that from me.…

Well, right now I am a little angry and I know I shouldn’t be, I pride myself on the fact that I try very hard not to judge … but I read what I read and got angry.

The JE was about being disappointed with Red Bubble because of not making any sales. I won’t get right into it, but here is what I wrote in response to that JE. I don’t know about you … but I know Red Bubble has done WONDERS for me emoti

Poem Collaboration Time :)

DECAY Click the title to start adding your poetry :) :)

  1. The idea here is to add TWO lines of the poem and let someone else add another two lines as we form a poem around the photo that can be added to the Red Bubble Collaboration Hub. :) Get involved and let’s see what wonderful work we can all make together :) :)
  1. You can still leave normal comments if you don’t want to join in.
  1. You can also come back at anytime to add another two lines, just give others a chance to add first :)

Start adding your poetry HERE


View Previous Collaborations here

Poem Collaboration - Golden Years.

Golden Years

Hapless in the wind again
No need to turn and wonder
Fateful days are coming soon
bareback on roll of thunder
Lightening streamers from broken clouds
As I gaze towards the sea
The sea gazes right back at me
Oh I see I see the sea
For wind it empowers me, of this i am sure
and to the skies i reach whilst on circular chore
and as i watch, with all my wonder
the reaching skies, the clouds out yonder
a broken sentinel, stark and still
beneath a reborn sky
And while I gaze upon the mill, the battered blades laid bare
It is my soul, for all to see, far beyond repair
For my soul has been ripped and torn for many a long year
But unlike the clouds of recent times, I’m unable to shed a tear
broken blades to gods creation, reaching out to me
the tears and fears fading fast, his light embracing me

Music Comp Winners Announced :) :)

Wooohoooo VBS I got First Place in the Photography Section of the music Competition!! :) :) I want to thank Elise so much for organizing the comp and also the Red Bubble Staff for the prizes :) :) But most of all, I wish to thank each and every one of you who entered and voted in this contest. :) :) Thank you all so much for your votes for me and also for the winners in the other two categories :) :) VBS

You can see the announcement here

And here are the Winners as voted by our peers in each category. Please take the time to visit and congratulate them :) :)

  1. Illustration Section Winner
    AbyssalSoul Dawn of a Million Souls

  1. Photo Manipulation Section Winner
    Ange Goddess Emerging

  1. Pictorial Section Winner
    Craig Shillington Blasphemous Rumours

Poems and Sales (50%)

Just letting everyone know I still have the Poem Collaboration in my Journal open for additions. :) When the poem is finished I will be posting it separately with links to everyone who participated and also posting it in the Forum Collaboration Thread :) So if you haven’t added your two lines worth (or even if you have and now want to add another two) get in there …. read it and keep it going :) You can look at it so far HERE

Also …. I have this weeks Sales Photos up for grabs. :) I think most will like this weeks selections :) :) VBS Very popular photos these, all 50% off from my markup, all would look great even as cards :) :) VBS This sale, like usual will end on Friday evening AEST. :) You can view my Sales pieces HERE


Okay, so the entries for the Red Bubble Musical art/photography competition are all in and it is closed …. but now the fun begins :) Voting for your favs :)

We can all make ONE vote in each of the three Categories. The Categories are:

  1. Manipulated Photography
  2. Straight Photography
  3. Illustrations


Simply email with:

Category:Artist:Work Title in the Subject Line of the email.

So let’s ALL get behind this one … you don’t need to have entered to have a vote :) :) Voting ends on the 20th July and the Winners will be announced on the 21st July :) Let’s support Elise and the Red Bubble team for making these wonderful Competitions available to us :) :)

You can view my entries seperately HERE ;) VBS

Poem Collaboration Time :)

I just uploaded a photo called Golden Years in which I have started another Poem, so feel free to come to the photo and add two lines to it and I’ll post it in the Red Bubble Collaboration Hub when we feel we have finished :) :) Enjoy and have fun :)

My Entries in the Contest. :) Voting Starts in 2 days!!!

  • This Competition Ends on the 7th July. Voting starts after that. Please take the time to have a look at my entries (and all the other entries) and be involved and vote after the 7th :) :) Thank you :D VBS

This is a list of the Photography I have entered into the Music/Photo/Illustration Contest on Red Bubble. To find out more about this contest have a look here

A lot of my photography is based on feelings and emotions … as such I often link them to songs because I feel such emotions etc with those songs and I try to match the song to the photo.

I think the best way to view my work with this in mind, is to open each link I have provided here in separate windows or tabs. The photo is supposed to be seen while you hear the music (in most cases) to extend the emotion I am trying to convey to y

Thank You! :) VBS

WOW! :) You know what? I LOVE Cards :) :) So inexpensive and such a compliment when someone buys one of my works as a card!!

Thank you so much to whoever bought Simple :) :) VBS

Google Maps and Google Earth

Hi everyone :) I’m really busy at the moment adding my photography to Google Maps. It’s nearly beyond me but I think I am getting there slowly. One of the main reasons I am doing this is because I put a full page advert in the local paper here the other day and I wanted to give locals an idea of exactly where the photos were taken (just felt like it might add interest to those that know the area). At the moment it is a tedious task for me and is keeping me pretty busy, but at the same time I would love a little feedback and maybe some help as well ;)…

If you want to see what I have done on Google Maps right now (just Kellerberrin and surrounds at the moment) have a look HERE

If you have Google Earth and would like to sit back and see a guided tour of where I have taken these photos, right

Health Update ....

As some of you may have known, I had the appointment with the Respiratory Specialist in Perth on Thursday. It has been a rather stressful and anxious 5 weeks wait for me to find out for sure what Lung Disease I have and what my options are regarding this.…

I have a rare non life threatening Disease for which there is no treatment and no cure. It’s a Heavy Smokers disease. Prognosis (if I give up smoking) is I will stay at the stage I am at with a slight possibility it may regress. It may also continue to get worse. There has not been enough studies done yet to determine outcomes. I am giving up smoking, right now I am just finding that very hard because I use it as an excuse for stress relief and all sorts of other reasons for me not to give up.

The name of the disease is Respiratory Bronc

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  • Wall Art
  • Laminating

Printed on a Durst Theta (using Kodak Professional Photo Paper). A two sided hot laminate.

  • Mounted

Printed on a Durst Theta (using Kodak Professional Photo Paper). The print is mounted onto a base

[INFO] Shipping Costs

  • Shipping Costs

At the moment Red Bubble is charging the same amount to ship internationally as is charged to ship nationally. Final costs depend on the nature of the order (i.e. how many items) – but you could expect that they never vary more than a few dollars from these estimates.…

Depending on the destination and the item being shipped. here’s a couple of rules of thumb. The shipping & handling of a large framed or mounted print will cost in the order of $15AUD; a t-shirt will cost in the order of $4.75AUD.

Shipping cards will generally cost in the order of $2.50AUD. One rule of thumb that is useful to know is that the more items in the order the more economic the shipping costs. For example, shipping one greeting card might cost in the order of $2.15AUD shipping 50 cards will cost in

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  • T-Shirts

We spent months scouring the world for the best quality t-shirts that were strong, stylish and sweat-shop free, we found them in American Apparel. Manufactured in downtown LA, their quality cuts look great on both men and women. We’re starting small, and only offering eight colours to start with (White, Blue, Green, Grey, Lemon, Olive, Pink, Red and Silver), but don’t worry as more colors and styles aren’t far behind.

You choose the size, colour and the design, and we print direct-to-garment. The shirt is then heat pressed to cure the inks, elegantly folded

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[INFO] Welcome to Red Bubble :)

I am adding this Journal entry for all my friends and contacts that I have invited to Red Bubble from other Photography Sites etc. So many of you have already joined and it is really heartwarming to see you all here. I know it can be a little hard to understand how the Bubble works so hopefully I can make it a little easier for you by directing you all to this Journal Entry (JE) to give you some hints and tips on making the most out of Red Bubble :) :) Thank you so much for joining or at least having a look :) :) VBS

  • HomePage and RedBubble Page.

First off I would suggest adding these to your contacts. :)

By adding these three into your contacts, you will receive information on the Red Bubble community into your Activity monitors. That way you will know right away about importance cha

Card Sales - Thank You!!!

I am making this Journal Entry so I can Thank those of you who purchase any of my works as Cards :) Because Cards are a really handy and less expensive way to buy others works, I am sure they are going to take off in the Red Bubble Community and as such it might be harder to keep up with in regards to thank yous. I still WANT to thank anyone that spends ANY money on my works. And so I made this Entry just for that.

These are the Cards people have bought off me so far :) :) You can click the images to go have a look :) :)

[HOW TO] Links and photos in Red Bubble

I thought I would do a separate and hopefully less complicated How To in regards to making links and showing Jpg files in RB. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to how these things work. So find the part you are interested in learning, maybe open up and edit an old Journal Entry and practice. VBS…

A URL is simply the text that shows up in your Browser Window Address Bar (up the very top), the line that starts with http:// If I refer to the URL, that is what I am talking about.

  1. ALL CODE IS WRITTEN WITHOUT SPACES Some wrapping of longer lines of code will occur within this Journal Entry, regardless of what the lines look like, code is always one continuous line WITHOUT spaces


Sometimes it’s nice to have a text link when we are conversing to others in Red Bubble to help people

Amended [HOW TO]

Just letting everyone know that the default background colour for our 3 Thumbnail Banners for our profiles

has changed from White to Black. If you have these in your profile, or anywhere else on RB, you will notice now that the gaps between the thumbs is Black. That is now the default colour for these, but you can make it white again by including an extra bit of code in the line that generates them.

The full line of code will now be:

if you want White between your thumbnails.

You can view the full amended [HOW TO] here

[HOW TO] Portfolio banner as a Link in Red Bubble

Okay … so Xavier has implemented an awesome random banner generator (which shows three works from our portfolios) which can be used as an email signature. Read about it in the Forum

If you wanna use the code for placing a clickable link in your Email Sig file (Or on a web page somewhere that uses HTML code) use your own Promote page to get the code for your banner. If you have any problems getting the Email Sig to work … please post your questions in the Forum topic about that.

Now, for the profile bit you don’t need all this code you only need one part and you don’t even need to use the Widgetinator to get it …. I am going to make it easy for you ;) First you need your Username. That is the text you type to LOG ON to RedBubble, not nessecarily your Name as shown in RedBubble to others.


WOW!! :) :) Checked my Activity Monitor today and I had made another Sale :) :) VBS

Thank You so much whoever you are, that bought a Framed Print of Goodbye. {{{{{hugs}}}}}

I am so deeply grateful and hope it gives you a life time of Pleasure :) :)

Thank You!!!!!

[HOW TO] Buttons and links to Sets in your Profile.

Okay … we have discussed how to set up Sets in your Profile, if you are not up to speed with doing that yet, I’d advise understanding and get that working first before attempting this next step. You can view that [HOW TO] HERE

At the moment my Profile looks like THIS As you can see I have used the same type of button to try to keep my profile looking neat and tidy. First thing you will want to do is decide on what STYLE you want your profile to be, as the button choice will make all the difference. I liked mine because it sorta had a Red Button feel to it. You can either make your buttons online, the site I used was Button Generator , or you might want to have a go at making your own buttons (my buttons are about 135×25 pixels). Which ever you decide to do you will need somewhere online

[HOW TO] Sets in your Profile

A lot of people are asking how to do the links to sets of photos or works in our profiles … so I thought I would outline it here for those of you that would like that option.…

First thing is to have sets in mind and tags to associate with those sets. Then … make sure you have those tags on the photos you want in each set. This way a photo can actually be in more than one set if you like :)

Then …. to make the links in your profile: (I’ll use my tree tag as an example)
you type the set name followed by the link to all your photos tagged with tree like this ….. but without the spaces:

" Trees " :

When you do this without the spaces you get this:

Edit your Profile and place the set code somewhere within the About Me sec

Look Within

Look Within
the green
sea of the soulful
cry in the blue
a deep introspection
a mirrored intersection
of illusionary hues
Love reality or illusion
seek the clues
the unspoken voice
that questions with no reason
will they remain blue
or change with the seasons
ahhhh but that look of intent
blue pools heaven sent
dark with lament
ripe with the scent
of ambition and creation and solitude.

A collaboration on my self portrait called Look Within

Thanks to:

  1. Webgrrl
  2. Anne van Alkemade
  3. Karen Cougan
  4. Jienn Heibloem
  5. Zombie
  6. Sharon Palmieri

[HOW TO] RSS is here YEAH!!!!

Well, some of you may have noticed that Red Bubble has introduced RSS Feeds to our JE’s and our Portfolios :) VBS WELL DONE RED BUBBLE!!! I can’t wait for feeds on comments and a feed on our Activity Monitor.…

For those of you unfamiliar with Feeds … You will notice when you look at someones Portfolio or JE’s now, you will see the little Feed symbol and the words subscribe to the left of it. What this means is that if you have a Feed Reader (I will mention those a little later) you can subscribe to a feed of that page and will be notified of any updates on that page at set intervals :) So now, rather than having to manually check to see if people have updated their Journal … or added new works …. you can have all the new stuff FEED right to you automatically :)

Okay … my Feed Reader of Cho

My Entries in the Contest. :)

This is a list of the Photography I have entered into the Music/Photo/Illustration Contest on Red Bubble. To find out more about this contest have a look here

A lot of my photography is based on feelings and emotions … as such I often link them to songs because I feel such emotions etc with those songs and I try to match the song to the photo.

I think the best way to view my work with this in mind, is to open each link I have provided here in separate windows or tabs. The photo is supposed to be seen while you hear the music (in most cases) to extend the emotion I am trying to convey to you.

To open the Photo and the Video in separate windows or tabs, simply right click each link (Photo Name and the Watch link) … a box should pop up and you should chose open (or view) in a new Window (or

Photography/Music Competition

Hey!! If you haven’t already heard Red Bubble is running a Musical/Photography Competition. :) I’m in it :) :) I have just finished tagging the photos I am entering so if you would like to have a look just follow the two links below. :) One category is for Manipulated Photography, the other is for fairly off the camera Photography. If you think I have a photo in one category, that should be in the other … let me know. And just give me a little feedback on what you think anyway ;) VBS Thanks :) Don’t forget, with all my Music linked photos, you can listen to and watch videos using the Watch Here link in my descriptions. I usually like to right click the link and open in a new window/tab … that way I can listen while reading the lyrics or just getting a better feel for the photo/song link :…

[HOWTO] Want to be recognized .......

I just thought I would sit down and write out a few of the things I do that make my experience in Red Bubble a lot more enjoyable. I’m putting these ideas down in a form of tips, please don’t take these as Gospel!! These are the things I do that I find helps my work get recognized. Things will be different for each of us and we all find our own place. With that said, a lot of these tips will be placing emphasis on recognition. If you wanna be noticed within the Bubble, you have to know what the best way to do that is. Hopefully you can take a little something with you from this that helps you out too :)…

Oh and just a sub note … I am a photographer, so a lot of my experience is with getting my works seen. Hopefully I don’t place too much emphasis on JUST that side and anyone else can apply

WOW!! Thank you to EVERYONE at Red Bubble!!!!

I can’t believe my eyes!! I opened up the bubble wrap and started reading …. was so happy to see Whirli on the Couch Well done Whirli {{{{{{hugs}}}}}} … so already I had a big smile on my face. :) :) I even opened the Mothers Day link and checked it out … (That was in the Wrap right???) … came back and continued reading down … then saw the top ten Bubblers for the last 2 weeks!! OMG!!!! HAHAHAHAHA Not only am I second … but bloody Kim is right there at #1. Sorry …. it’s just a little irony that I have the biggest bloody damn smile on my face about at the moment. Thank you so much to everyone that seems to actually want to read about what is going on in my life right now. I am no writer by a damn long shot, but for some reason, no one seems to think I’m whinging!! That I don’t understand, …

Now I know ... I think.

I rang the Dr today and found out what it is ….. it’s called: Bronchiolitis – Interstitial Lung Disease. From what I am reading at the moment about it ….. it’s not good :( I can only hope it is a mis-diagnosis really, the visit to the specialist will confirm or dismiss this I guess. I guess (even though it’s too late) it is time to give up the fags eh. I need to get as much info on this as I can, see what my quality of life is going to be like now. It sorta makes sense in a way, I have been ill on and off now for 2 years … and had a bad time with similar symptoms a year ago. This last 8 weeks has been bad though, not only have I been sick with this … I have an ex gf here in WA who feels she has a right to continue to take for me. Those that know me well (especially those that have known m…

Health Update

Hi everyone ….…

Most of you would have known I had a visit with the Dr in regards to the CT Scans I had done last last week. Well the news is good and bad. The good news is, it’s not Cancer. Something I was very worried about. I have been a smoker for the last 25 years or so. At the moment I am a heavy smoker and this is most likely not helping. I have been told by my Dr to give it up. That is not going to be easy for me at this stage, but I am going to give it my best shot.

I was a bit of a mess at the Dr’s. Nothing has changed … I need to go and see a chest and Lung specialist now. So this is ongoing. No meds either. SO I have to put up with the headaches, aches, fever and cough etc etc. She named what she thinks I might have (or rather, what the people who did the CT scan say I have). I

A short Update

Well …. the scans are done and now just the wait to see the Dr. I checked my phone this morning and there was a message from them asking me to make an appointment. She said he never said it was urgent (whew) so I made it for Monday :)…

Hopefully he now sees more clearly what the lesions are … then I guess a few more tests and a way to get rid of them :) And hopefully much better health from then on :)

Was such a big day out for a little boy yesterday too LOL Had the appointment with Centerlink (yuck) but all went well there so I am covered for a month at least. :) Hopefully won’t need it too much longer after that :)

SLOWLY getting stuff done with my ex gf. My solicitor sent the first letter to her this week, she’d have it for sure by now … so I guess now I just wait and see what her respo

Just in case .....

Whew ….. getting so damn busy in here!!! I just wanted to let everyone know I try so hard to work back through all your journals and photos etc, making sure if you leave a comment back to me or a question …. I answer it as promptly as I can. Right now the only way I have to do this is to work through my favs and just manually look and see …. so if you are wondering why I have snobbed you … I HAVEN’T!! Thank you so much to those that have come to me and reminded me about a question or whatever …. I have no idea how long it would have taken me to have got back to that if you didn’t ask. I will do the same in return as well.
As far as this goes …. is anyone else really struggling to keep up in here? And what ways are others using to keep up with their contacts etc? I sadly, fav everything I…

Oh for RSS LOL

WOW … RB is such a diverse and wonderful community to be involved in!! SO MANY other wonderful artists out there to share with, I LOVE it. Now that I am gathering a few friends around though, I am finding it harder and harder to keep up. I so can’t wait for these pages to have RSS feeds on them so I can put the links in my reader and NEVER miss another posted photo, Journal entry or response to a comment I have made on someone else’s work. :) Even Email notification would be nice. Or an extra page in our Account that can feed these things, so we can check there. Anyway … if I have missed anyone … it’s because it’s a little hectic right now remembering and trying to keep up. Keep up the awesome work Elves :) It’s going really great :)

Dr's Today

Not very often you get the Dr’s Surgery ringing you to make an appointment to come and see the Dr eh. Hmmmmm. Had bloods and Xrays last week and he has the results and wants me to make another appointment to come see him. Hopefully at last he has his finger on it and can now help me on the road to recovery :) :) Will be so good to feel normal again :) :) Wooohooooo :) :)

My Very First Sale :) :) :)

I can’t believe I have made my very first RedBubble sale already :) :) I think I know who it was too. :) Wooooohoooooo Thank you. You will have to let me know how it looks when you get it :) :)

So sorry I haven’t uploaded or been around lately, I have been working far too much and am a little under the weather at the moment. Hopefully this weekend sees a return to some normality for me :) :) Then I have a lot of catching up to do :)

The Moving Van's Arrived. ;)

Well, it’s a little bare here still, but I’m slowly moving the furniture in and arranging it how I like it. Still feels new … but that’s often the exciting part eh :) Getting the feel for a new place, meeting the neighbors, hey … anyone want a coffee …. or a beer? :)

Need to figure out what Html I can use and how to use it etc. Wish they had RSS Feeds, but maybe that will come at some stage. Too used to the good life of Flickr I guess ;)

I better let these guys know where I want the bed and sofa ;)

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait