Billy Birmingham's Aussie Pride

Just thought I would add a few links to some Billy Birmingham Audio Files … sorta as an Aussie Day Tribute …. but also just for shits and giggles ;)

For those that don’t know Billy, (aka the 12th Man) he is a sports Celebrity Impersonator … his raw style and almost perfect impersonations not only bring us tears of joy … but also bring us much closer to those Commentators and Sports People we all love. ;) Enjoy (with tongue in cheek) ;)

WARNING: Some explicit language may be included in these links

Bruce 2000

A tribute to Bruce McEveney, commentator of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, and his penchant for the expression “Special”. Listen closely for all those names!!!

Cricket roundup from Wired World of Sports

Highlights from Richie from the Match between India and Australia in Bombay.


The latest HIP remix of the cult 12th Man song … with a montage of Aussie Cricket Photos :)

Fatty’s F***ing Catch – 12th Man version

LOL …. yes anyone in Australia knows about this one. but boy WHAT A CATCH!!!


Real footage of the Ashes First Test 2006 with the 12th Man overdub LOL. Super Effort That!!

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