Western Australia - The State of Violence!!

I have only lived here for 6 years … but I know one thing is for sure … WA would have to be the most Violent State in Australia!!

Shame!!! Shame on you anyone who was involved in the Australia Day Riots at Tom Simpson Park in Mullaloo. To be involved in something so senseless … especially on such a National Day of Pride .. in a public Family place. To then turn on innocent by-standers and Police arriving to settle things down. It’s a disgrace!!! I feel ashamed to call myself An Aussie when senseless stuff like this happens …. and we are trying to stop the Japanese from Whaling??? No wonder we are becoming the laughing stock of the World. If anyone has seen the footage of these riots on the TV you will see how cowardly these arseholes are!! Smashing bottles on heads and then running away!! Fuck, be Men … and if something pisses you off … deal with it in some other way than with Violence. Go bash your own head against a wall!!!


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