Health Update ....

As some of you may have known, I had the appointment with the Respiratory Specialist in Perth on Thursday. It has been a rather stressful and anxious 5 weeks wait for me to find out for sure what Lung Disease I have and what my options are regarding this.

I have a rare non life threatening Disease for which there is no treatment and no cure. It’s a Heavy Smokers disease. Prognosis (if I give up smoking) is I will stay at the stage I am at with a slight possibility it may regress. It may also continue to get worse. There has not been enough studies done yet to determine outcomes. I am giving up smoking, right now I am just finding that very hard because I use it as an excuse for stress relief and all sorts of other reasons for me not to give up.

The name of the disease is Respiratory Bronchiolitis – Associated Interstitial Lung Disease. RB-ILD.

At the moment I get breathless doing anything physical such as playing with my dog, or chopping wood or talking too much!! LOL. I am having a follow up Appointment in October to redo all the lung tests and see if I am stable, better or worse. That will tell me a lot more.

I want to thank everyone who has followed my life since being here in Red Bubble (and those of you that came across from Flickr too). For your words of encouragement and well wishes, you can’t understand how much that helps me through. :) :) {{{{{hugs}}}}}}

I still have other issues in my life at the moment, I have near chronic Depression as well and am being treated for that. That’s probably the next biggest issue in my life right now that is keeping me from being as active as I would like to be in here. I hope you can all forgive me for my lack of friendship towards you all lately. I am trying to get back to you all and comment on your wonderful works and JE’s. I just have a had time with my memory and concentration etc at the moment. I feel selfish, but I guess I need to focus on me a bit at the moment, for that I am very sorry. I will be back to my old self soon :) :) Trust me, I am working very hard on it :) :)

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