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  • Shipping Costs

At the moment Red Bubble is charging the same amount to ship internationally as is charged to ship nationally. Final costs depend on the nature of the order (i.e. how many items) – but you could expect that they never vary more than a few dollars from these estimates.

Depending on the destination and the item being shipped. here’s a couple of rules of thumb. The shipping & handling of a large framed or mounted print will cost in the order of $15AUD; a t-shirt will cost in the order of $4.75AUD.

Shipping cards will generally cost in the order of $2.50AUD. One rule of thumb that is useful to know is that the more items in the order the more economic the shipping costs. For example, shipping one greeting card might cost in the order of $2.15AUD shipping 50 cards will cost in the order of $9AUD (i.e. 18 cents per card).

Your Total Including Postage, Handling & Tax will be shown before the Purchase at the Checkout

Currently Red Bubble is using PayPal to handle payments (you can use your credit card).

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