[INFO] Red Bubble Product Sizes

  • Cards

C6 folded, C5 open.

C6 is 114mm by 162mm (4 1/2in by 6 1/3in)
C5 is 229mm by 162mm (9in by 6 1/3in)

  • T-Shirts

  • Women’s T-Shirts

Classic Girl is our young women’s line. Sizing is always controversial when it comes to women’s tees, so please excuse our directness. Classic Girl is not a “junior’s” line. It is designed for women of all ages who desire a youthful fit. Because our fabrics are stretchy (especially our baby rib, which has a stretch factor of over 100%), each size can fit a wide range of women. When Classic Girl T-shirts are to be used to promote an event, our Medium/One Size (indicated by M/OS) is suggested, as it fits approximately 80% of women.

  • Unisex/Men’s T-Shirts

Standard American is our unisex line. Most contemporary T-shirts are sized for the Boomer Generation (former hippies who are now in the “relaxed mode”). Our Standard American T-shirts are sized for two categories: men of all ages who desire a youthful fit and women of all ages who do not desire the form-fitting look of Classic Girl, but refuse to wear the oversized, unshapely T-shirts of the other leading brands. The Standard American line is designed in the same way T-shirts were in the ’70s and ’80s, when the Boomers were younger.

  • Wall Art

RedBubble has three size windows: Small (8 by 12 inches), medium (12 by 18 inches) and large (16 by 24 inches). If an image is uploaded to the site that doesn’t have a 2:3 aspect ratio we fit it to these size windows and take up as much of the window as possible. For example, a small 4:5 aspect ratio image is 8 by 10 inches.

When an image is printed with a border add 1 inch (top and side) and 2 inches (bottom) to get the final product dimensions.

When an image is framed add 2.5 inches on all sides (plus the width of the frame) to get the final product dimensions.

  • Posters

RedBubble posters are available in three sizes, with a maximum print area of A2, A1 or A0

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