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I am adding this Journal entry for all my friends and contacts that I have invited to Red Bubble from other Photography Sites etc. So many of you have already joined and it is really heartwarming to see you all here. I know it can be a little hard to understand how the Bubble works so hopefully I can make it a little easier for you by directing you all to this Journal Entry (JE) to give you some hints and tips on making the most out of Red Bubble :) :) Thank you so much for joining or at least having a look :) :) VBS

  • HomePage and RedBubble Page.

First off I would suggest adding these to your contacts. :)

By adding these three into your contacts, you will receive information on the Red Bubble community into your Activity monitors. That way you will know right away about importance changes and announcements :) :)

  • Selling you Works

Okay, okay. I admit it …. that is what really attracted me to Red Bubble to begin with ;) It’s not so much the sales for me now and you will understand that the longer you stay involved with Red Bubble and the wonderful Community vibe here. But yes, we all want to sell our works and make money. :) :) Red Bubble has many options for selling our works and are introducing new options all the time. Ranging from Cards … all the way up to Fully Framed Prints. These are the dimensions for the files that you will want to have your works to be able to sell in each category:

  1. Cards: about 1300 by 900 pixels (1 megapixel)
  2. Small wall art print: about 1600×2400 pixels (4 megapixels)
  3. Medium wall art print: about 2160×3240 pixels (7 megapixels)
  4. Large wall art print: about 2560×3840 pixels (10 megapixels)

For t-shirts, please upload PNGs that are 12” x 16” in size, with pixel dimensions of 2400×3200 pixels. You can access a template for t-shirt designs

  • The Forum

Red Bubble has a wonderful Forum where we can become so much more involved community wise :) It’s a great place to meet new people and also have deep and meaningful discussions and a wide range of varied topics or simply have fun :) The Forum also includes important updates you may miss and has many FAQ’s etc regarding Red Bubble itself. It might pay to have a look around in there too. To get to the forum, click on the People Tab at the top of the screen … then look down the bottom of the page that opens. Or you can click HERE

  • Personalizing your Profile

Some of us like to Personalize our Profile pages … or even just add quirky parts of ourselves to our pages and posts. Red Bubble does not use HTML, it uses a basic form of a code called Textile. It’s a fairly simple code to follow, so if you wanna know how to make a link, add a small picture and similarly personalize yourself here, I have written a few [HOW TO] ’s, hopefully explaining in simple terms how to do certain things using the code that Red Bubble uses.

  • RSS

If you are familiar with RSS, Red Bubble offers feeds on the Forum and also on every bodies Portfolio and Journal Pages. Keep an eye on the HomePage for any updates to this in the future.

  • Simple Text Formatting

As we are typing we can make our words Bold etc. by formatting the text we are using, here are some of the more basic ones you might want to use from time to time. I need to put spaces here so you can see the code, so when you use these, type them out without any spaces at all for them to work :) :)

type * BOLD * – To make text BOLD
type _ ITALIC _ – To make text ITALIC
type ^ SMALL UP ^ – To make text SMALL UP
type ~ SMALL DOWN ~ – To make text SMALL DOWN
type + UNDERLINED + – To make text UNDERLINED
type – CANCELLED – - To make text CANCELLED

type * * * with no spaces and a blank line before and after makes a horizontal line

So I can make text bold italic small and small , underlined and oops, I didn’t really mean that ;)

To make text clickable to a link, wrap the text in quote marks {"} add a colon {:} and then the link (with no spaces):

" text " : http://www.linkhere.com

If you can think of something handy for someone new that should be included here, please let me know and I will add it in :) :)

Enjoy and have fun :) :)

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