Why am I so quiet???

Hi Everyone :) VBS I know that some of you would have noticed that I haven’t been around for a while. I just wanted to say hi to you all and say I am still here … I am VERY busy at the moment is all.

Last week I had the Mediation Service with my Ex Girlfriend … We came to a deal where she gets a certain percentage and I get the rest. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it’s over :) Now I am free to sell the houses and she will sign, so it’s a huge relief. :)

Also, two weeks ago I landed a casual job here in Kellerberrin at the local hardware store, so I have been working 30 hrs a week as well :) :) VBS

The other reason I have been so quiet is because I am already packing and cleaning here. I have a buyer (The guy who bought the houses in Jan this year which fell through because of my ex not signing) I am waiting for him to get back to me about his finances. So I have been busy busy busy. I want to have everything packed for the removalist ASAP so I can move at a moments notice.

I am also looking for somewhere to rent in Ballarat. Preferably South Ballarat and in a quiet area that will let me have my 2 cats and dog. If anyone from that area knows of anything PLEASE let me know :) :)

So that is why I haven’t been around much. I promise to try to at least get a Showcase up this weekend (thank you to those of you who sent me links) and hopefully get another lot of discounts up for those that follow my sale items :)

I hope everyone is doing well :) I AM!! :) :) VBS

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