My Photography and Google Street View

For a long time now I have been putting a little on a lot of my works so that those of you that are interested might take a look on Google maps and see exactly where those photos were taken. Well with the implementation of Google Street View I am pleased as punch to announce I am now linking my photography to the Map and ALSO to the actual view you would get if you drove to that location yourself!!! :) :)

I am slowly replacing my old map links with this new link above :) Anytime you see this link, just click it (or better still right click and open in a new tab) and you will be able to see the photograph as viewed in Google maps complete with the Map and any of my other photos that may be around that same area.

If you are new to Google Street View, please be patient when loading these links. Trust me, the wait will be worth it :) I am really pleased with this. Once the street view photo loads up, you can drag it left and right to look around and double click to zoom in etc. And move forward and backwards along the street you are in by clicking the arrow heads (Or click and drag the little guy on the map to a new location). I have set the initial photo that comes up to be viewing the subject of my photograph, as best as possible.

Hopefully over the next few days I will have a lot more of my work linked up. Let me know what you think :) :)

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