Just in case .....

Whew ….. getting so damn busy in here!!! I just wanted to let everyone know I try so hard to work back through all your journals and photos etc, making sure if you leave a comment back to me or a question …. I answer it as promptly as I can. Right now the only way I have to do this is to work through my favs and just manually look and see …. so if you are wondering why I have snobbed you … I HAVEN’T!! Thank you so much to those that have come to me and reminded me about a question or whatever …. I have no idea how long it would have taken me to have got back to that if you didn’t ask. I will do the same in return as well.
As far as this goes …. is anyone else really struggling to keep up in here? And what ways are others using to keep up with their contacts etc? I sadly, fav everything I comment on at the moment, and work back through my favs. Very tedious, but I can’t think of any other way to do it. Anyone got any better ideas?

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