Am I angry? You bet I am!!!

Hi Everyone ….

Well It’s been a long time since I sat here and wrote a little about myself like I used to. In a way this is yet another of those updates, only at this point I am angry beyond belief. Maybe that is when I write the best?

A quick Health update which I should have done a long time ago. At this stage I am taking two different Anti Depressants and seeing a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist!! Mentally I am not the best which I guess most of you would have figured from my here again – not here again presence in the Bubble. Some would know I lost my job in May due to a Lung Disease. I have had one specialist Appointment about that and am due to have another follow up appointment in early Oct. As of now I find it nearly impossible to do any physical work for any long period of time. As such I need to re-learn how to do normal everyday things in stints. I am finding that hard to come to terms with, but I will get there. Being a small rural town my chances of work here while I am sick (I also get pretty sick late evening to late mornings) are pretty slim. Money wise I now have maxed out my Credit Card. I have never been in this position before, I have always had a little savings and a regular weekly income, so at this stage I am very stressed out living day to day. Why do all the big bills like insurance and rates always come at the same time? I will get past all this.

In regards to what is going on with my Ex. This is why I am so angry today. I while ago I had to change from paying a solicitor to getting legal Aid because I could no longer afford a solicitor. The new Solicitor had a meeting with me in Early July and that went really well. Going through Legal Aid now as well, I set it up so that my Ex and I could go to a Mediation Session before anything legal was done in the hopes that we could come to some arrangement that way. My new solicitor requested a few more documents from me at our meeting and would let me know when mediation (if indeed my ex agreed to it) would be taking place. I have written to my Solicitor twice since that meeting regarding extra documents and let him know if there was anything else he required not to hesitate in letting me know. I haven’t heard anything from him since the meeting.

I would have assumed that he and I would have met or spoke at least once more before Mediation took place, so I was just thinking it was a slow process and waited. At the meeting he asked me when I would like to be moved back to Victoria and I said at least from Xmas. So … these things take time obviously.

Last night I lay awake in bed till about 6am this morning. I had terrible reflux (apparently due to my lung disease) and didn’t feel very well at all. I finally fell asleep sometime after 6am. I remember waking once to the sound of the phone ringing, but because I was so tired just went back to sleep not thinking much about it. When I got up today I found that I had 5 messages on my mobile phone. Obviously someone needed to talk to me so I checked them right away. It was Legal aid Asking why I wasn’t at the Mediation that had been set up for 9.30am today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I may not be the brightest light bulb in the pack … but in order to have been at a meeting I think it would have been nice to have been told about it in advance!!!

Not only now does this work against me in regards to why I am still here in WA fighting a woman who shouldn’t be getting what she says she wants …. but I would fairly say it has blown any chance I have at all now of reasoning with her. :( I wish I could sue all those involved now for all the stress and depression I have suffered leading up to this point … only now to be in this situation. I really feel now I have no chance at all of getting anything that I feel would be fair for me. Basically now I am way back at the point where she suddenly popped up again and said she wanted half the profits from the sale when I sold my house. I don’t know if I can go through all that again :(

Angry? You bet I am and disappointed and depressed and confused and lost. What will I do? Mope for a few hours … then live day by day again. I have a Psychiatrist coming around to see me at 3pm. Poor bugger, he is going to cope it all :(

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