JORDY UPDATE (16/04/08)

VBS Jordy and I just got home from the vets and he has had his stitches removed :) I think he had about 35 stitches in total, so it was a bit of a job ;) But I can tell he is so happy to have them out because now he is back to rubbing and bumping his head on everything, including me :) :) VBS I will try to get some photos tonight and upload them to my blog (Maybe tomorrow) :) He still looks all shaved, but he is looking so much better :) :)

Don’t forget the Jordy Fund. :) It’s doing really well and so far sales from my works have raised $152.50 towards Jordy’s bills :) :) Thank you all so much for helping out and sharing the love, it is so much appreciated :) :)

MEOW :) :)

Here is a run down of the costs

P.S. :) If you have posted what you purchased in the Buyers Booth, PLEASE send me the link and I will start making those links available for others to look at too :) :)

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