Beside Myself Excited!!!!!!

Hi guys – I know it seems like i have been rambling on about the trip i am going on FOREVER it has come around and we leave on Tuesday!
I just got some fantastic news! Ok so in total our trip over to Africa (including huge stopovers) was going to total around 46 hours of traveling (eek!) and to be honest i havent been overly excited about it! So our fligths were delayed again at Mauritius (one of our three stops) so i had enough!
I wrote a lenghty email asking for access to a VIP lounge or something like that to relax and possibly have a shower. Just got confirmation that they are putting us up HERE
It has made me all the more excited – because although we do travel a bit we have never stayed in a place like this before!!! Fingers crossed our flight is delayed again!! Ha!

Court xo

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