My Sister

Inspired by another Journal on here I made up a list of “remembers” for my big sister. She is on the Bubble too but i dont think she has anything on her page yet! She does tattoo designs and freehand drawing. Anyways this is for you Booootie!! ;)

Remember trying to guess the words we wrote on each others backs in soap in the bath?

Remember washing the car in our cossies with no sponges just us!?

Remember Hide n Seek up in the street?

Remember always hiding in the three spots we thought were great!?

Remember when you ate 3 magnum ego ice creams cos you didn’t want to give me any?

Remember how you vomited after eating them?

Remember sliding on our guts in the mud out front of mum n dads?

Remember venturing down the end of the bay where those scary and gross waterfalls were to slide on our butts?

Remember how we were convinced scary people lived down there (and prob did!!)?

Remember building forts in the lounge room and then having sleepovers in them?

Remember our Barbie Spa?

Remember how I always pretended I couldn’t reach the clothes line so you had to always hang out and bring in the clothes?

Remember your cat food cake?

Remember popping out the cement bubbles on the new house pillars?

Remember sliding down the banister with your jumper over your arms?

Remember when you threw the tennis ball at my head and knocked my cold sore off?

Remember when we were playing tag in the old infants school and i snapped my ankle and you wouldnt come and help me cos you thought i was faking it so i could make you IT?!?!?


That was fun – i am sure we have more but i am at work and SHOULD be doing some!

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