Gone for a while...

Hi all -
I have disappeared for a little while. Been pretty busy with work and havent had a chance to get out and take many shots other than the ones i have HAD to take for work. Feeling quite uncreative to be honest! However – i am working on a new venture when i get a chance – and that is my OWN website. I am hoping to link the images to RB but as i have not had much experience with web work it is taking me a little while to figure out exactly what i am doing!
In other news i got my 50mm f 1.4 and it is hard to get used to having a prime lens! I keep on trying to zoom it in and out instead of moving my feet! haha.
But nothing taken so far is worth putting on here so i need to get back to practicing! Oh and i am purchasing a wide angle this week i hope. the 11-16mm f2.8Tokina i have on hold and i am just getting together a deposit this week.
So that is all that is happening at my end!!
Cant wait to get overseas! I think only like 7 weeks to go!

Court x

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