3LW - 3 Little Words (or "I Text Too Much!")

JLM (Jesus Loves me.) JSM (Jesus Saved Me) PTL (Praise the Lord.) CTD (Curse The Devil.)
PMM (Please marry me.) DIB (Daughter is Born.) PTL!
MMP (Marry Me Please.) IAB (It’s a Boy.) IAB (It’s another Boy!) PTL!
IAM (I’m a Mimi!.) IAG (It’s a Girl.) IAB. IAG (It’s another girl.) PTL!
OMG (Oh, My Gosh.) SGC (sister got cancer.) CFS (Cancer Freakin’ Sucks.)
LOL (Laugh Out Loud.) ISF (I Said “Freakin.”). LOL
6YL (Six Years Later) SDG (sister doing good) PTL!
FYL (Few Years Later) OMG. SGC – again! CFS! CTD
OMG. JGC (Joyce Got Cancer.) CFS.
OMG. IFL (I Found Lump.) SMD (Saw my doctor). MSB (mammograms, sonogams, biopsies). OMG.SJM (Sis, Joyce, Me) BFF (“Breast” Friends Forever)
MDC (My Doctor Called). OMG. IHC (I have cancer) CFS! SFA (Said Freakin again) LOL HSM (Had Surgery Monday) CBF (Cindy Brought Food). KBF (Kristi Brought Food). PTL. TDS (This Doesn’t Suck!). CFS!
MDC. NMS (Need more surgery) CFS.
RBF (Reed’s brought food). CFS – CHICKEN FRIED STEAK!. JBB (Jill Brought Bread). UMB (Um, Homemade Bread!) CBD (Christi Brought Dessert). TDS! CFS (the cancer one!)
WTD (What to do?) NMS. ALS (another little surgery?) 1BS (1 Big Surgery?) WNB (who needs boobs?) IDK (I don’t know). ITO (I’m too old) IDC (I don’t care).
M89 (Mom’s eighty-nine). S60 (Sister is 60) SBS (Sorry Big Sis) LOL SMI (She Made It) PTL! CFS!
CYB (Count Your Blessings) W2M (Way Too Many!) GIG (God is Good) ATT (All The Time) PTL CFS IOK (It’s OK!) PTL
LMF (Love my family) LMF (Love my friends) LMD (Love My Dogs) LOL ICL PTL
RSF (Remember, Smile first) ASB (Always Smile Big) SSO (Should Smile Often) PTL
TIE (This is enough) OKG (OK, Good-bye) IRE (It’s really enough) PTL
OMT (One more thing) GNM (Good Night, Mouse) GNH (Good Night, House) GNM (Good Night, Moon)

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