Post surgery but still laughing - very gingerly

Yesterday was one of the oddest days I’ve ever spent.
Up at the crack of dawn to make the 75 mile trip to the hospital. First trip was the “Women’s Center.” There I had to get more mammograms. During the last biopsies the doctors implanted a small titanium chip in each breast. They mark the spots of concern so that the surgeons know where to go – they will show up on future mammos and sonograms. During one of the sessions I had that compression machine holding down my left “you know what.” During this time they had administered some local anesthesia then they stuck a needle right into the area that needed further biopsies. When they removed the needle it was a little unnerving because a 5 inch long wire was sticking out of my left breast. Not the kind of thing I wanted to dwell on. This wire was very flexible so they bent it to my skin and bandaged right over the wire. Then a nurse drove us over to the hospital where the actual surgery would take place.
We didn’t have to even sit down in the waiting area – they were calling my name upon arrival. Hubbie went with me into pre-op. They got me into one of those very trendy hospital gowns but I did get to wear shorts and socks – that helped because I didn’t feel quite so exposed.
There was a virtual party going on in the anesthesia area – it was fine with me because there were a lot of interesting people and conversations going on. When they wheeled me into the OR they shot sleeping medication immediately into my IV. I’ll bet I was out solid in two or three minutes – I barely remember looking around the OR.
The next time I knew anything my husband was watching over me and I was in a recliner. Don’t know how I got in that chair! I was really droggie and couldn’t keep my eyes open or my head up. My precious daughter came in and said it took me about an hour to eat one saltine cracker – I just keep nodding off. Then they tried to show me that it was snowing outside and I couldn’t focus on the window. Things proceeded slowly from there.
My adorable 89 year old mother wheeled in on her walker looking so cute! I was glad to see her and my brother who brought her out in the bitter cold and snow. They didn’t get to stay long which was probably a good thing because I was extremely ill from the morphine. I don’t think I would make a good drug addict – if there is such a thing.
The nurses had brought me a wonderful Dr. Pepper and a few more crackers. I really enjoyed the Dr. Pepper but about two hours later everything came up. I was afraid they wouldn’t let me go home but after that episode I felt better and was able to move around enough to get dressed with help. Finally about 7:00 we were on the road home with a stop at the pharmacy.
Once home I kissed the kids, patted the dogs and got into bed. I couldn’t believe that I slept all night after sleeping almost all day yesterday.
This morning I managed to get to work. I didn’t take a pain pill because I knew that would put me right to sleep. I was able to get quite a bit done at the old office and I had several really nice people stopping in to see me. One lady came flying in the door and said, “Someone said they saw you driving this morning but you just had surgery yesterday!” I’m sure this piece of info got around quickly (things do in a small town) but I assured this kind lady that I simply drove the six blocks to work and will drive myself back home. (I did stop by the polling places to cast my vote, though!)
I now have had a pain pill so I’m feeling a little out of it but I must force myself to stay awake so I can watch “American Idol.”
There’s a lot to be thankful for. My oldest son got his first acceptance letter in the mail – this one was from the University of North Texas. He was truly excited. My grandkids came thru the front door with Aiden yelling, “Mimi – I missed you!” A dear friend brought supper over – and so many people acted as if they were genuinely glad to see me. Yes, God is good – ALL the time. Remember – Smile first, smile big, smile often.

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