MY redbubble

Since I live in a small community I don’t have many good friends my age. In fact, my grown daughter and her friends are really the closest to me. Since I hate to burden these younger women with my presence all the time I have found that Redbubble really has put me in touch with some wonderful and talented new friends.
I look so forward to viewing all the great works that these folks display. It is amazing to to watch the colorful expressions pop up on my screen – most are of breath-taking quality and the fact that many of these come from places I’ve never been to it makes it even more interesting.
And the comments that these fine photographers leave on my own meager work makes me proud, humble, and excited all at the same time. I feel so honored that those I consider to display exceptional work even take the time to look at mine, much less comment on them.
It also has inspired me to dig thru my files to find other photos I’ve taken and to go out and look for new and different items I can photograph in hopes of getting a shot that I’m not ashamed to put up on redbubble. It has been inspiring, educational and a great deal of fun.
Thanks to all who help break my boredom and to all that I now consider my friends from redbubble who have graciously commented on my work. I appreciate you all.

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  • Estelle O'Brien