Cooking with Shiloh

Shiloh is my 16 month old white standard poodle. He is a big dog – weighs about sixty pounds and when he stands up right he can easily put his paws on my shoulders.
Since Shiloh is really still a puppy he is quite comical – in fact, he always looks like the proverbial cat that ate the canary – he even appears to be smiling all the time. But since Shiloh is so big he can be a handful in his puppy antics and is quite often the “bull in the china closet.”
Today was a beautiful fall Saturday here in the “greater Knox agroplex” (as my daughter calls it). I was enjoying just sitting around the house and doing what-ever I pleased. A luxury I don’t often get. With tomorrow being Sunday I decided to bake a batch of cupcakes for my pre-school Sunday School class – a batch of cupcakes made from scratch. Uum! Uum!
Step One – Preheat oven. Select muffin tins from pantry and line with paper muffin cups. Wash top of counter thoroughly with disinfectant (Shiloh, against our wishes, quite often puts his paws on the counter and sniffs what-ever is available). Measure flour.
Phone rings! Try to walk calmly to answer phone but must dodge a dashing Shiloh who always goes for the receiver when the phone rings. Hang up on tele-marketer – turn around to find Shiloh with nose in flour bowl.
Step Two – dump flour out of bowl. Wash bowl, disinfect counter top, re-measure flour.
Step Three – walk to refrigerator to get three eggs.
Step Four – Get broom and dust pan and sweep up pieces of broken bowl that Shiloh knocked off counter. Answer phone – yell to back of house for Lee since the phone is for him. Clean up broken class and disinfect counter again.
Step Five – Get another bowl, measure flour, and put in bowl. Answer front door bell. (Spend twenty minutes outside calling for Shiloh since little boy at front door “accidentally” let Shiloh out)
Step Six – return to kitchen. Add next three dry ingredients to bowl. Go to back door, open it so Shiloh can go out in back yard.
Step seven – return to kitchen, again. Go back to back door since Shiloh now wants back in the house.
Step Seven – return to kitchen. Pick up one of the eggs and crack contents into bowl. Get mop and clean floor since Shiloh knocked off the other two eggs onto the floor. Disinfect counter, again.
Step Eight – Add water and oil. Begin to stir and blend contents. Pour batter into muffin tins and fill each cup 3/4 of the way. Place into oven.
Step Nine – detect strange noise coming from bathroom and hall. Find Shiloh unrolling toilet paper all the way down the hall. Clean up mess.
Step Ten – call plumber. Lee had attempted to clean up after Shiloh and had stuffed about 1/2 roll TP into toilet and tried to flush. It didn’t!
Step Eleven – try to dismantle smoke detector. It’s blaring loudly since cup cakes are now over-baked.
Step Twelve – Turn off oven. Wash up pan and utensils. Find Shiloh. Call baker. Lie down.

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