I only read the black ink!

As I have explained in some of my first blogs, we own and operate three small community newspapers. I really love what I do and I am also proud of the product. Oh, yes, we do have problems proof-reading and some times our fingers get all twisted up in the type but I’m still proud. I try to look objectively at other folks publications and try to emphathize but I’ll admit that sometimes I chuckle at their mistakes, too.
I have one great gal that is my true right hand. I couldn’t “do” without Crystal and I dread the day when she will go on to better things – in fact, I try to wipe those thoughts out of my head the moment they pop up. Crystal has a way of teasing about mistakes that makes you laugh out loud and not feel like she is being critical. That’s a good thing because I’m not very fond of critical people.
This morning when I walked into the office Crystal immediately began telling me about a phone call she had received. An older lady had called and wanted to know why the information she emailed us wasn’t in the paper last week. Crystal tried to explain in a nice manner that she didn’t recall the email and that she would be glad to check on the situation and get back to her. Well, this lady would not listen to a word Crystal said and kept butting in about the information not being in her hometown paper and what a shame it was, etc., etc. When Crystal was finally able to get off the phone the picked up the issue that the information supposedly did not appear in and there it was right on page one – in the top left hand section. This area is what we call “sky boxes” and we usually highlight the information there in colored ink and add graphics, etc.
Well, Crystal was delighted that she would now get to call Ms. Gripie-Butt back and give her the good news. When the lady answered the phone her tone of voice was completely different than it was when Crystal ended the first conversation. She almost sounded friendly until Crystal identified herself – whoops – back to the old persona.
When Crystal told the little lady that the information was on the front page the lady questioned her and then went to get her edition of the paper. When she came back she said, “Well – I only read the black ink!”
Now that was a new one! I guess that took the place of saying, “Oh, I’m so sorry I over-looked that and then inappropriately condemned your actions.”
After we had a good laugh I began to think about reading only the black ink. Maybe I do that also. Well, no maybe’s about it – I know I do.
I also recently heard about a book that is about the benefits of saying “Thank You.” The author explains that sometimes just remembering to say “thank you” actually helps the person saying those words also feel better and look at things differently.
So, this goes out to all who read my little blog space. Thank you for listening to my woes, my wishes, my thoughts, my despairs, my loves, etc. I appreciate you reading the black ink and all the other colors, too. Thanks to those who give me something to write about – even if sometimes I don’t like the actions of which I am writing. Thanks to all those who leave comments – you make me feel like I truly have friends and I appreciate that.
Thank you to God who gave us his only son – thank you, Jesus, for all the grace and understanding and the mighty wonders that you perform. Thank you for life and please help me look more at the colored ink and less at the black ink – maybe, just maybe, then I’ll discover even more wonders that you have left for us.

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