Pet Peeve of the Day - Rude people

Ok, so I’m not very happy today! Sometimes one or two people can just tear even a really good day apart now can’t they. Today my pet peeve is people who are rude – well, actually that’s my pet peeve nearly every day!

I try really hard to be polite to everyone and only after I’ve been “dissed” by a person a couple of times do I really brush them off and don’t try to even be nice anymore. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt but at a certain point I just don’t care about their feelings anymore.

Now, let me also explain that I don’t expect someone to jump up and down when I enter a room. I realize that I’m not at the top of the totem pole anywhere so I certalinly don’t expect to be gushed over. But I do expect other people to reply to my “hello’s” or my friendly nods when passing by. I do expect a smile to be returned with a smile and I promise that even on my worst days I will react in a pleasant manner to someone who has exhibited those characteristics to me. You see, my momma taught me to be “polite.” I know it’s a foreign concept to some but I was also taught that no matter “how important you are it’s more important to be nice.” I also learned something called the Golden Rule – that’s a concept that I think parents don’t teach anymore.

Maybe we’re so involved in making our own children feel “special” that we forget to teach them to treat everyone, and I mean everyone, that they are “special”, too – at least until they give you good evidence that you don’t need to worry about them anymore.

When we first moved here there was a little girl in our neighborhood that would never speak to me. I could call her by name and ask her how she was doing and that child would look me up and down, roll her eyes, and then walk off. I believe that most children learn these traits from their parents and yes, you guessed it, the mother of this child thinks that they both are ultra special to the world. Today that same child is a teen-ager on the brink of adulthood and she still treats me the same way. I would really like to snatch her bald-headed – as my mother use to threaten us! When she gets out into the big world she may soon realize that she’s not a big fish in a little pond – at least I hope so – it would be a good lesson for her.

Then there are the adults who will stare right thru you when you speak to them. I would rather come into contact with a sales clerk at a department store who is chatting on her cell phone instead of waiting on me (another of my pet peeves.) I just really don’t understand these people with over-inflated egos. How can you place such a high sense of self-worth on yourself? The problem that I have with these people is the fact that most of them have husbands who cheat, kids who drink and smoke marijuana, etc, etc and they still put themselves and their kids on a pedestal.

Well, maybe I should feel more pity for them – they are probably just miserable and don’t know how else to express that fact or how to make themselves feel better. I promise I will try harder to love these people and I will pray for them, too. Maybe they’re doing the same for me and I just don’t know it!

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